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Since 1998, Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) has been steadily improving our county’s roads, multi-use pathways, and off-road facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. MCBC’s work improves our quality of life in many ways:

  • increasing opportunities for daily physical activity
  • teaching children and adults to be skilled and safe bike riders
  • reducing road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • providing affordable and equitable transportation options

Our goal is for 20% of all trips in Marin to be made by bicycling or walking by 2020. Help us in achieving our goal - Join MCBC today!

Cycling Events & Education

"Let's Ride" Workshop/Clinic Series signups

Geared to enhance your cycling skills.

Share the Path

Share the Path

Learn how to use the path safely and courteously for the enjoyment of all!

Basic Street Skills Classes

Learn to safely ride the roads. These classes are held multiple times per year at various locations throughout Marin County.

Slow & Say "Hello!" Campaign Launches

Be aware and share the trails!

Family Biking Wrksp

Family Biking Workshops

Help your children to learn how to ride safely on the road by joining us in one of our Family Biking Workshops.


Get Involved / Volunteer

Share your skills and time to support better biking in Marin


MCBC and Marin Bikes, Inc. are not affiliated - the Marin Bikes website is

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