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Complete Streets

Center/Pastori bike lanes in Fairfax

"Complete Streets" supports a fundamental part of our mission focused on bicycle safety and thorough access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders of all ages and abilities in Marin. We accomplish these ends by participating with cities, towns, the County of Marin and regional entities to ensure that all road projects are designed with "Complete Streets" principles in mind. "Complete Streets" include facilities (sidewalks, bike lanes, etc.) that allow for safe walking, biking and wheelchair access along roadways. 

Our Complete Streets efforts are consistent with Caltrans Deputy Directive 64, which states that the California Department of Transportation, "fully considers the needs of non-motorized travelers (including pedestrians, bicyclists and persons with disabilities) in all programming, planning, maintenance, construction, operations and project development activities and products. This includes incorporation of the best available standards in all of the Department’s practices. The Department adopts the best practice concepts in the US DOT Policy Statement on Integrating Bicycling and Walking into Transportation Infrastructure." 

An Overview of MCBC Complete Streets Efforts

MCBC has undertaken a comprehensive effort to ensure that all roads within Marin County have complete streets elements included in them whenever possible. Part of this effort includes obtaining Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) data from each municipality, examining each road project, and determining if bicycle and pedestrian facilities can be included. We enter projects found in local Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans into our database. All of these projects, once entered, are tracked over time. When complete streets elements are not in the project, MCBC requests them. As a project progresses, MCBC works to ensure that those with bicycle and pedestrian projects retain them all the way through construction. We periodically meet with local Department of Public Works Directors and City/Town Council Members to keep the process moving along.

The following Complete Streets policies have been adopted:

MCBC is also working to have Complete Streets policies adopted in Sausalito and Tiburon now that their Bicycle and Pedestrian plans have been adopted.

Furthermore, MCBC has started to look beyond the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans towards the General Plans for each municipality, working to insert Complete Streets language and policy into each General Plan is it comes up for its legally mandated update, as required by the Complete Streets Act of 2007 (AB 1358).

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