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Greenbrae Corridor Improvement Project

Maximizing Bike/Ped Safety and Connectivity in the Greenbrae Corridor and Completing a Key Section of the N-S Greenway

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition is celebrating a significant win, which took place at the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) meeting on Thursday, September 26, 2013 where key decisions were made regarding the expenditure of $40 million of Regional Measure 2 toll funds for the Greenbrae Corridor. TAM's decisions must still be approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission; only then will TAM's recommendations be final. 

MCBC wishes to thank all of you that wrote letters, signed our petitions and attended countless meetings over the past 10 months, including more than 50 supporters who showed up on September 26th- your support has made a huge difference!

While the Marin County Bicycle Coalition has been working on this project for many years, we have been working especially hard since just before the release of the project's Draft Environmental Document in December 2012 to ensure that the Greenbrae Corridor Improvement Project (GCIP) included substantial safe and separate-from-cars facilities to support biking and walking in the area.  This corridor is particularly important as it connects the Larkspur/Corte Madera area with the Larkspur Ferry, the future SMART station, locations to the north of the Cal Park Tunnel and many schools in the Larkspur/Corte Madera area.

At the September 26th, 2013 meeting, MCBC delivered a petition with 680 signatures which appealed to the Commission to support building key segments of the North South-Greenway through the Greenbrae Corridor.  At the long meeting, which ran nearly 7 hours (until 2 AM on Friday morning), several key bicycle/pedestrian project elements were voted on and passed by the TAM Board. 

Votes taken at the TAM Board meeting included a suite of excellent projects that will help move forward MCBC's long sought goals for that area, including: 

MCBC is also thrilled that TAM voted to send $11.4 million to SMART to build the San Rafael to Larkspur train and pathway segment.  MCBC is working with SMART to ensure the best pathway alignment between 2nd Street and Andersen Drive in San Rafael as this is a key North-South Greenway segment in Central San Rafael.

While this meeting represents a major step forward for multimodalism here in Marin, final approval for using Regional Measure 2 funds for these project elements must be given by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The MTC decision is expected over the next couple of months.

MCBC would like to commend and thank the TAM Board and the TAM Working Group members for prioritizing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and for supporting the completion of Marin's North-South Greenway.

The GCIP project before the MTC for approval fulfills the needs of current and future generations in Marin County by:

1) Increasing safety for users of all ages and abilities and encouraging nonmotorized travel by building pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that is separated-from-cars

2) Meeting the needs of school children traveling by bike and on foot, many of whom need to cross the freeway to attend Hall Middle School, Redwood High School and the new Cove School in East Corte Madera

3) Encouraging nonmotorized transportation between Larkspur/Corte Madera and the Larkspur SMART station, the Larkspur Ferry, the Cal Park Tunnel and destinations to the north

4) Providing transportation infrastructure that promotes long-term needs for climate protection

5) Improving facilities for local foot and bike traffic and minimizing disruption of neighborhood and community nonmotorized travel patterns.

6) Helping to complete a key section of the SMART passenger rail and pathway which will provide service to southern Marin communities and major transportation facilities, including the Larkpsur Ferry Terminal and the Cal Park Tunnel.