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Alto Petition Signers

As of October 20th, 2010 more than 2000 Alto Tunnel supporters have signed this petition  (only some of the signatures that have been approved for display are shown below).

Please share the petition link with friends to show wide-spread support in your community for re-opening the Alto Tunnel!
To learn more about the Alto Tunnel, visit our Alto Tunnel page.

Name City State Comment
Andrew Abballo Fairfax CA I commute to Sausalito 3 days a week via bike. It would be nice not to climb that dang hill all the time. Also, other people who are not as fit as I will ride via bike all the time.     The Mill Valley area is the 2nd or 3rd most popular location for road cycling as a sport. The most popular is west Marin..but everybody HATE climbing Whites Hill, as they do for the Alto hill. Making it easier to go under the hill would open up so much opportunity
Bill Abright San Anselmo CA Looks like a great route to encourage more cycling instead of cars.
Lauress Ackman Larkspur CA It would be a wonderful way to bike between Mill Valley and Corte Madera--a super opportunity
Matt Adams Fairfax CA Because it's the best way to get from Larkspur to Mill Valley and a crucial link of the between central and southern Marin.
scott adams greenbrae CA This is an important link to provide a safe route from most of Marin to San Francisco. When the tunnel is open you can expect a significant increase in the number of bikers commuting to the city.
Carol Adelman Mill Valley CA I wanted it open 5 years ago so I could easily ride my kids to preschool at a Co-op in Larkspur Landing. Instead I had to drive. The hills were to hard to ride 2 kids. I'm not an expert bike rider...but I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE!!!! Please make it easier and open the tunnel.
heidi adler Mill Valley CA To close the gap-and make Marin as flat as Holland, heck, it has better weather (or something like that, ha ha!)
mandy aguero corte madera CA Easier and safer access between the two cities by bike!
Elinore Alaria Sausalito CA To help get so many bikes from staying in Sausalito
GertrUDE ALLEN Berkeley CA We need more bike paths in Marin and this is such a good, easy one.
Jeffrey Allen Greenbrae CA To greatly increase pedestrian and bicycle access from Mill Valley to Corte Madera and the Ross Valley
Andrew Allen Belvedere CA Help increase bicycle and pedestrian activity and  cut down use of automobiles.
Andrew Allen Belvedere CA Would encourage more biking among the  people who cannot climb Camino Alto.  A Good Thing!
Jessie Allen-Young San Francisco CA I love hills, but with the opening of the Alto Tunnel, I think more people will bike to work or bike for errands.  They will feel safer traveling on a bicycle only route and they will have one less excuse as to why they are not riding their bicycles.
Michael Alley Mill Valley CA Family friendly bike route to Corte Madera/Larkspur.
Richard Alvarado Larkspur CA it would dramatically increase bike use in Marin by eliminating the camino alto hill as a barrier to north south bike traffic for families and commuters.
Carsten Andersen Kentfield CA  
peter anderson Sausalito CA Going over Camino Alto is very dangerous and the path along the freeway is noisy and ugly and very indirect.  Neither alternative is appealing.  This tunnel was used by my grandmother and father during the depression years when they rode the train.  It worked and it was a joy.  Lets reclaim some of the joy of commuting in Marin.  We really don't have to rely only on our automobiles.
Robert Anderson Larkspur CA To increase bicycling use and to improve the North/South corridor.
Jessica Andrews Tiburon CA I use my bike as my main transportation and for fun. It would be great to have a flatter route so I can show up to work not too sweaty.
andytest andytest andtest CA  
Linda Appleby Mill Valley CA I would love to see people have another way to get up north or south in Marin. I think it would be a lot safer.
Wendy Appleby Roseville CA It keeps bikes and cars away from each other.
Rob Appleton Larkspur CA Numerous issues. To many to count....
Ruben Arce Greenbrae CA I commute to Mill Valley and it would be great a safe way to commute.
Daniel Archer Mill Valley CA Easier, safer and sustainable transportation system connecting southern and central Marin.
Annie Armstrong San Francisco CA It is the most convenient option between San Francisco and cities north from Mill Valley. I bike to Marin at least once a week.
Elena Arney Alamo CA  
Maria Arroyo San Anselmo CA  
Kyle Ashton Corte Madera CA Safer multi-user transportation option
Andrew Au Emeryville CA I am an avid cyclist and ride all over the Marin county every weekend, the Alto Tunnel would allow riders to pass through and access other parts of Corte Madera/Mill Valley with greater ease. This is good for local business and perfect for riders of all levels.
Lori Bachman Mill Valley CA Believe in as many bikeways as possible for recreation and alternative transportation.
kim baenisch fairfax CA because it is the safest route for bikes and peds between Mill Valley and Corte Madera
mary Ann Baker San Geronimo CA More biking!
David Baker San Francisco CA I'm a senior who rides to Fairfax every few months. The Alto Camino hill is a major barrier for me and I'd like to be able to continue my rides into my eighties.
Sandy Balin Mill Valley CA  
James Ballou Novato CA Safe north/south route for bicycles.
Kaelan Baraty Greenbrae CA  
Rik Barr Mill Valley CA As a frequent bicycle commuter and recreational/amateur athletic rider I would love to have this access opened and available to use
Charles Barrett Mill Valley CA bikes rule
Kirby Bartlett Corte Madera CA safe bike routes
Arthur Barton Tiburon CA 1) The alternative routes are dangerous to bike riders, and the presence of the cyclist on those routes might cause an auto accident, even if the cyclist is not hit by a car.  2) For very young, older and occasional cyclists, the current routes are too difficult to make cycling practical. A tunnel route,nearly flat, would greatly increase the frequency of cycling  as transportation between southern and central Marin. Which means that many fewer automobile trips.  3) More bikes= less driving= less oil money to Iran, Saudi Arabia. A worthy security goal, one would think.   4) More bike riding=  reduced acceleration of Global warming and immediate air quality improvements.    All of these compelling reasons versus short-sighted and selfish NIMBY interests. It's that simple.
Justin Basdeo Larkspur CA so I can get to Mill Valley quicker
john battelle Ross CA It simply makes sense.
Leslie Beach San Anselmo CA It would be awesome for both recreational and practical bike riding, and it would keep bikes off the road, making things safer and less irritating for traffic.
David Beach San Anselmo CA Increase bicycling safety Corte Madera Mill Valley route/increase Southern Marin bicycling activity/reduce dependency on motor vehicles for local travel
Geoffrey Beasley Concord CA We need as many bicycle miles as possible.  Riding on automotive roads is unsafe and discouraging.
Peter Bell Mill Valley CA  
Gunilla Bell Mill Valley CA  
D Bell Corte Madera CA I commute and ride for pleasure between Mill Valley and Corte Madera, and riding over Camino Alto is dangerous to riders and annoying to cars, and the Horse Hill is not much better.
Nancy Bell Sausalito CA  
Nina Bellak Bolinas CA A flat safe route will increase biking and walking and help to save our environment and our health.
Brad Bennett Corte Madera CA why not?
steven berger san rafael CA So everyone has a better way to get around than driving our cars!
Piper Berger Tibuorn CA I am interested in bike riding again after many years and this would provide a safe, easy grade route to Corte Madera for me.  Plus I love local history and the rail routes being re-purposed for bikes brings the routes back to life.
Marika Bergsund Belvedere CA I ride and run regularly through out Southern Marin, as well as drive over Camino Alto.  Whether I am on a bike or in the car, I believe that Camino Alto with its steep grades and sharp turns is a dangerous mix of bikes and cars.  Opening the tunnel would not only improve community safety, but it would the safer, easier ride would induce additional people to commute through Southern Marin by bike decreasing traffic congestion.
mike berl belvedere CA biking
Mauricio Bernales Novato CA A beautiful opportunity to get the community (with their families, kids, etc) out onto their bikes so safely ride between Corte Madera and Mill Valley. It will also provide a monetary lift to both cities businesses.
eve bernstein mill valley CA great for transportation, community, .......why not?
max bernstein mill valley CA I would use it frequently for recreational biking.
anna berry SAN RAFAEL CA I would use it all the time!
Ethan Berton American Canyon CA I'm an avid biker
Mai Billaud Larkspur CA So it is a sweet ride from Corte Madera to Mill Valley!
Peter Billington San Rafael CA Great for biking/walking, overall community improvement.
Beverly Birnbaum Novato CA To provide a flat easy route from Corte Madera to Mill Valley
Mark Birnbaum Novato CA Provide a direct flat route for ordinary, non-hard core people to commute on.
Ron Bishop Oakland CA I lead a bicycle group "Bay Area Easy Riders Bicycle Touring"    I support non-motorized transportation.  Let's open the tunnel and make some positive strides in non-motorized transportation.
Edward Bissell Mill Valley CA Biking and Walking are essential modes of transportation and exercise, and opening the Alto Tunnel Path is a rare and immeasurably valuable opportunity to expand these activities.
Mike Bittner Larkspur CA To promote biking safety & as an alternative to Camino Alto
Sarah Blaser San Francisco CA It is important to promote biking by making safe and convenient routes.
Esther Blau Mill Valley CA  
Ann Blocker Mill Valley CA  
Richard Boardman San Francisco CA To be a US cycling landmark for leisure and commuting.
Randy Boba Sausalito CA It would make a safer throughway for my children and I for walking and biking.
Layla Bockhorst Larkspur CA To facilitate cycling between Mill Valley and Larkspur, something I often do.
Renee Boeche Muir Beach CA  
John Boeschen San Rafael CA To encourage bicycle transport in Marin County.
Holly Bogin Larkspur CA To make the ride from Larkspur to MV more accessible.  It will be great for all towns!
James Bomotti Mill Valley CA There are plenty of good reasons stated in the petition. The real question I have is why would someone not want to see it open?
Donna Boone San Rafael CA I sometimes ride my bike home from work in San Francisco to San Rafael and dread the Camino Alto portion (the climbing, cars trying to pass on winding portions, descending with cars waiting impatiently behind me).
Patricia Borden Larkspur CA I think connecting marin is a good idea.  Riding over Camino Alto is dangerous.
Phillip Borghuis Corte Madera CA It's safer for all traffic to have bikes off Camino Alto. The tunnel would create a dynamic link between CM and MV opening up pedestrian options as well as increasing bicycle flow and safety.
christopher bosch san francisco CA more movement by bike the better.
Tom Boss San Anselmo CA So I can ride my bike from central Marin to the Golden Gate Bridge without climbing any hills.
Steve Bouchard Mill Valley CA  
Gerard Bourguignon Mill Valley CA  
Meade Boutwell San Anselmo CA I ride to work in SF several times a month, this tunnel would save me time and make the trip much safer.  Thank you.
Robert Bowyer Muir Beach CA  
Nancy Boyce San Rafael CA All the reasons noted above
N Edward Boyce San Rafael CA All the reasons noted above
Jerry Boyer Mill Valley CA  
Kathleen Boyle San Francisco CA I commute to work at the civic center from san francisco by bike at least once a week - while I enjoy the hills having the tunnel open would make my commute faster and allow me to commute via bicycle more frequently.
Nessa Brady Mill Valley CA My daughter could ride her bike to and from school!
James Brainerd San Rafael CA We, my wife & 2 daughters used to ride thru  to Corte Madera (we lived in the Alto section of  Mill Valley then.  So we would like to be able to  ride between MV & CM again.
peter brandelius fairfax CA The encouragement of this safe route will further the argument for sensible transportation alternatives. This tunnel represents a small and important shift in the alternative transportation paradigm as we disassociate  ourselves from a misanthropic culture and embrace the effort needed to effect real and lasting change in the way we live and move.
Bob Branick Corte Madera CA I ride home from SF every day and would use it.  It would also encourage people to ride who otherwise wouldn't consider it.
Grace Bransford Mill Valley CA I would enjoy having the access for cycling and walking.  I grew up in Scott Valley and remember when the train would go through.  It would be nice for it to be a thoroughfare again and have people be able to travel between Mill Valley and points north on foot or bike.
Matthew Brasler San Anselmo CA I bike commute to work.
Thomas Braum novato CA My wife and I do a lot of biking all over marin. Camino Alto is a major link for bikes going between Mill Valley and Corte Madera and I have almost been hit there more than once. A more direct link will be much much safer for everyone.
Mike Brayton San Rafael CA Greener living  supports everything I deeply care about
Deborah Breiner San Rafael CA  
Nathan Brennan San Francisco CA To provide more safe, accessible paths for pedestrians and bicycles. Marin County is a leader with its recent progress on pedestrian and bicycle routes, keep moving forward!
David Bricker Corte Madera CA One or two times a week, I ride to work (Corte Madera --> San francisco).  If I didn't have to ride over Camino Alto, I would defintely increase the frequency - therefore getting out of my car more!  Additionly, opening up the tunnel would allow for more foot/bike traffic between Mill Valley and the Twin cities -- good for both economies.    Cheers!  David
nicholas brink mill valley CA This option puts the value of citizens and their health above anything else.  The tunnel option also represent a substantial community improvement.
Cheryl Brinkman San Francisco CA To make it easier for me to ride my bike from SF to Corte Madera to visit family.  I do not like to ride over the hill, and as I get older it seems less feasible to ride and more convenient to drive.  I want to keep riding and the tunnel will make that possible.
claudia brisson corte madera CA Bike route - safe - planned - ready.   Bicycling - good for individuals and planet earth.
david broadbear san francisco CA Convient and fun !
Daniel Brousseua Mill Valley CA I would use it to ride more in Marin north of Mill Valley, vs driving to other destinations to ride the road bike.
Adam Brown Berkeley CA Biking is a healthy alternative for one's health, and that of the planet.
Julie Brown San Anselmo CA I'd like a safer passage than Camino Alto when riding my bike!!
Liz Brown San rafael CA Because we need a continuous bikes path throughout Marin County
Jeff Brown San rafael CA I want to be able to ride on bike path as much as possible. Also, the road over Camino Alto has no shoulder and is hazardous to cyclists when cars are present.
Doug Brown Mill Valley CA For all the reasons you mentioned!
Patricia Bruens Mill Valley CA  
David Buccolo Kentfield CA Burning muscles.
Madeleine Buckingham Mill Valley CA  
Christopher Budz San Francisco CA Opening the Alto tunnel would enable many more people, regardless of their age or level of physical fitness, to bicycle through this otherwise hilly area.
Marlene Buono Corte Madera CA Love the idea of promoting modes of movement other than using the internal combustion engine.  Its recreational use will be a great addition to our open-space/park friendly county.
Karin Burger Petaluma CA To finish the establishment of a safe pathway for pedestrians and cyclists between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.
Gordon Burgett Novato CA Provide more scenic/usable bike routes
Phil Burk San Rafael CA  
Pat Burke San Rafael CA Safety and promotion of biking. This is a key connector.
Michael Burke Mill Valley CA All the above reasons
Michael Burke Mill Valley CA Many people do not ride due to the camino alto hill.  This will also be safer.
Emily Buskirk San Rafael CA To support bike riding as a more viable transport option with less exposure to cars!
Maya Butterfield Fairfax CA We need to keep improving bicycle routes and access throughout the county, and this is a major piece of that.
Tara Cahn Sausalito CA  
Jennifer Caleshu Greenbrae CA I would love to ride bikes with my family to Mill Valley - but there is no way my 5 year old could make it either over Camino Alto or all the way around Horse Hill safely.
Patricia Callahan kentfield CA I ride from Corte Madera to Mill Valley frequently, including to work in San Francsico ocasionally.  This would make the ride so much more accessible for many people! I fully support this reopening!
Robert Callender Tiburon CA At least weekly I ride up Camino Alto, and occasionally over Horse Hill.  Camino Alto is a poor place for a bicyclist to ride due to lack of shoulder space.  Horse Hill is out of the way, leads to no good bike trails/streets, and as it sits on the edge of the freeway, it is extremely noisy and unpleasant.
claire calvino stinson beach CA I bicycle almost every day as a necessity for the survival of my current knees, and i do so with my dog in tow! this would make a world of difference, to be able to get under the hill instead of over...creating a bicycle-friendly corridor between communities, shared by all, human and animal pedestrians, cyclists, children & their friends and families!
Florette Camarata Sausalito CA  
james campbell Belvedere CA  
Brittany Cane San Rafael CA The initiative re-purposes the currently unused space in a way that would be beneficial to all Marin residents.  It also reduces dependence on automobiles and promotes bicycles as an important mode of transportation while contributing to the increased physical and mental health of the community.
carlo cannell jackson WY i like and support biking in all places, all countries.
kley cardona san jose CA safe and flat pathway separated from motor vehicles
Andrew Carey Kentfield CA Segregation from motorists
Joey Carlin GREENBRAE CA  
Lynette Carlton Fairfax CA It's a safer ride, and will allow more people - younger and older people - to ride bikes and stay strong and healthy.
Steve Carroll Novato CA Fewer cyclists on Camino Alto means fewer accidents.
Kristin Carson Mill Valley CA  
Gina Catania San Rafael CA I ride frequently and would use it often.
David Catania Mill Valley CA For a safer and quicker route north from Mill Valley.
Tom Cawley Mill Valley CA To have easier access for riders (kids) between Corte Madera and MV
Nick Cedar Fairfax CA Camino Alto is too narrow for bikes.
Corinne Char San Rafael CA To give the city of Marin other alternatives of transportation other than vehicular.
Tracy Charlton Mill Valley CA I love to ride my bike both for fun and as a way of commuting, but feel that I cannot ride north of Mill Valley, because the route over Camino Alto is too dangerous.
Foster D. Cheney Mill Valley CA  
Barry Cheney Mill Valley CA  
Jane Chesson Corte Madera CA The communities of Corte Madera/Larkspur and Mill Valley need this connecting walkway / bikeway opened so that all our residents, including our children and youth, seniors, disabled people, people with dogs, commuters, and exercise enthusiasts may have a safe and pleasant alternative to the busy, dangerous city streets of our adjacent towns.
Anthony Chiu Corte Madera CA Safer route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley for bicyclists. I am a local resident in Corte Madera. I believe Camino Alto is dangerous for bicyclists. I do not use it, even though I like biking from Corte Madera to Mill Valley.
Shana Chrisman San Rafael CA  
Mark Christian San Anselmo CA I would use the tunnel when commuting by bicycle back and forth to/from San Francisco.
Leif Christiansen Mill Valley CA Remove the last significant barrier in the North-South Greenway
Larry Chu Larkspur CA Give bike/ped a flatter alternative to Camini Alto without having to go back to the path along Highway 101.
Brian Chun Cupertino CA To increase access by human powered transit
Lisa Church Mill Valley CA I love to bike with my daughter and this tunnel being closed really limits our options. We tend to head towards Sausalito because this tunnel is closed.
Chris Churchill Corte Madera CA Because Camino Alto is insanely dangerous! There are no shoulders and it's ridiculous how many cars can't slow down to share the road.
john churton Corte Madera CA My family rides and it would make it most pleasant
ken churton corte madera CA biking and hiking
ken churton corte madera CA biking and hiking
Tom Ciemins Larkspur CA For a safe and flat route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley
gerry cirincione-coles bolinas CA Because it is the only user friendly route for bicyclists, pedestrians, runners, wheelchair users they can use to travel between Mill Valley and Corte Madera get it opened asap.
peggy clark mill valley CA the tunnel provides a level route for families and seniors to travel along a safe route to Northern Marin without using a vehiicle. many people want the choice to not  use a car. this tunnel will provide the most sensible option for our future. it is there use it!    I will use it to ride to work and my son and friends will use it to get to sporting events. the movies etc.!
Daniel Cliff Mill Valley CA commuting, safety, to promote cycling, connect our communities
Lorraine Cline Mill Valley CA I bicycle to my job from Mill Valley to Trader Joe's in Larkspur.
Bruce Cllifton San Anselmo CA By making it easier to travel from Mill Valley to Corte Madera and visa versa it will increase bicycle transportation and reduce auto traffic. Addtionally, it would give me a good alternative route to Camino Alto or Horse Hill in foul weather.
noelle Cochran Fairfax CA  
Zachary Coffman San Anselmo CA  
Mitch Cohen Mill Valley CA I would use the path to commute from my home in Mill Valley to my job at Redwood High School in Larkspur. I think it could help to reduce traffic on 101. It will also reduce gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Marin County.
sascha cohen san francisco CA  
Linda Cohn Mill Valley CA For safety, to encourage people to get on their bikes and get exercise, for making our community more green, more appealing, more of a community
Martin Coleman Turlock CA It would make the bike ride easier and quicker.
Nicolaus Coleman Turlcok CA It would make the bike ride easier and quicker.
Anne Coleman Turlock CA It would make the bike ride easier and quicker.
Lori Coleman Turlock CA It would make the bike ride easier and quicker.
Jeff Coleman Turlock CA It would make the bike ride easier and quicker.
Jason Collins San Francisco CA  
john comstock mill valley CA I do not own a car. Travel by foot, bicycle, or public transportation.  Opening the tunnel will help me shop locally, and remain connected to my community in Corte Madera.  It will save 20minutes in bicycle travel round trip to Corte Madera.
James Constant Mill Valley CA My kids go to Edna Maguire and I would like to ride with them further along the bike path.
Peter Cook Larkpsur CA Family - young kids - would use to access activities in Mill Valley where currently use Car.  Commuter route
Tim Cooper Corte Madera CA It will increase sales tax revenue when people are able to go between towns.
Molly Cooper San Francisco CA I want to bike it.
Katherine Cope Mill Valley CA  
Susan Corbaley Oakland CA the alternate routes are unsafe. This will provide not only bike riders / commuters with a a safe pathway, it will give walkers and mobility impaired people an opportunity to exercise and be free of vehicles to runs simple errands.
Tracy Corbin Sausalito CA I bicycle from Sausalito to towns further north in Marin, and this tunnel would be a quicker and safer way to ride there.
Glenn Corey Novato CA The hills in Marin make using the bike as an alternative to a car difficult to everyone except serious cyclists.  A tunnel would be great for families and those hoping to reduce their use of cars.
Ron Corral Novato CA better for the environment, promotes walking, running and bicycling...improves health, lowers carbon footprint
Ricardo Corso San Francisco CA I"m a cycling lover.
Greg Corvi Corte Madera CA  
Bryan Costello Larkspur CA Better, safer way to travel.
lorin costolo corte madear CA safe access for cyclists/pedestrians between corte madera and mill valley
Greg Cote San Rafael CA  
Robert Cotton San Rafael CA Easier & safer commute from S.F. to Marin & back
Pamela Couce CA CA safety and more access to biking paths
Robert Couillard San Anselmo CA for cyclists and pedestrians
John Counter Mill Valley CA I live in Mill Valley and work in Corte Madera. I would like ti increase my bike to work days per year, but is is difficult going over the mountain twice a day. Please open the tunnel so I can ride to work most everyday, thanks
Maggie Courtney Kentfield CA It would provide a safe passage for walking and biking through Marin
Mike Courtney Mill Valley CA Riding over Camino Alto is dangerous and difficult for young riders and casual riders.
Anne Coyne San Rafael CA To be able to cycle to more places on a regular basis.
Heather Crawford San Anselmo CA Would encourage more people to ride their bikes for transportation.
Dayton Crites San Francisco CA This tunnel opening will open up the possibility of cycling as transportation for a huge demographic of Marin and bay area residents that now drive to coffee, work, and other errands due to the hilly nature of Marin.  Should this tunnel open and give an option of a relatively flat route from Sausalito all the way to Fairfax and San Rafael, more people will take to the bicycle as transport that won't (or can't) now.    Please support the opening of this tunnel in the interest of Marin's health and de-congesting the crowded streets and highways.
Dennis Crowe San Rafael CA I commute into the city from San Rafael.
Thomas Crowell San Anselmo CA I commute to from Oakland using Camino Alto and would like a safer day and night route.
Phil Cullen Corte Madera CA The 9 points in the introduction of this petition says it all for me.
Mary Beth Culler Mill Valley CA I want an easier, safer way to ride to other areas north of Mill Valley.
Mary Beth Culler Mill Valley CA It would make it so much easier for me to bike to Corte Madera and beyond.  I know I would use my bike more often if that option were there.
Ann Cummings Mill Valley CA To ride through it with my kids!
Sherwood Cummins Corte Madera CA Easier and safer access to Mill Valley on my bicycle.
Jan Cummins Corte Madera CA My children have friends in Mill Valley, so they could easily ride to and fro; my children go to school in Mill Valley, so they could more often ride to school, ease traffic and emissions from driving them.  I work in SF, so could more easily bike commute.  My husband has heart issues, so can only ride on the flat roads - this would give him options and more reasons to get out there.  Good for our health and the environment!  It just makes sense!
judi cunningham mill valley CA So bicyclists can have a save route to Corte Madera and beyond.  Currently the Camino Alto grade route is getting more crowded and is dangerous to cyclists, especially to children wanting to use the route.
keith cunningham san rafael CA transportation, exploration of the bay area towns conencting the tunnel
Evan Curhan Corte Madera CA  
William L. Curless Mill Valley CA A safe way for cyclists to ride to Larkspur>  Safety is first!  and most important.
Linda Curless Mill Valley CA Safer / Quieter /  Bicycle and pedestrian friendly/  Quicker/ Most of all is will be safer than riding over Camino Alto where there are no safe bike lanes.
Mary Currie San Anselmo CA No brainer...safer!!
Shawn Curtin San Rafael CA  
Jeff Curtis San Anselmo CA To avoid dangerous conditions for bikes from cars on the Camino Alto
Eric Cutter San Anselmo CA Commute by bike 3 days a week from San Anselmo to Mill Valley
Cherie Daly Larkspur CA To reduce the number of bikes on the Camino Alto route, and to provide an easier route for bikers to travel between Corte Madera and Mill Valley.
Julia Daniel Mill Valley CA It would be so helpful for reducing traffic, helping young people travel, and helping the environment.
will daniel richmond CA It would be a much safer and easier route to ride between Mill Valley and Corte Madera as opposed to using Camino Alta.
Benjamin Darche New York NY I recently moved to NYC, but return to Marin once a year, at least, to ride.  Would be great to have the tunnel opened.
Cindi Darling Fairfax CA bicycling should be made available to as many people as possible, as a transporation option and for fun and exercise.
Ross David San Rafael CA The hills of Marin are a recreational opportunity for many cyclists but a barrier and obstacle for many others. The tunnels expand the range for the casual cyclist to increase fitness and reduce auto use.   For many commuters the strenuous climb is the difference between needing a shower upon arrival at work or not. This removes another obstacle for those who don't have access to a shower at work.
Mathew Davidson Campbell CA More bike access is never a bad thing!
James Davidson San Rafael CA  
Patty Davis Mill Valley CA  
Mike Davis Mill Valley CA  
Dana Davol Mill VAlley CA Non car alternatives are great!
Susan Deardorff San Anselmo CA More safe riding trails.
Jim Deasy Greenbrae CA Because when i was a kid I used to go and play around the woods where it had been shut off. I remember discovering the tunnel and thinking it was just like a indiana jones movie, now I love to ride around marin, and I'd like to avoid dodging  cars on camino alto or inhaling freeway gas fumes along the side of 101 to get to mill valley from cm.
Aimee DeCelles 94965 CA I'm an avid cyclist and think it would be a huge benefit to the  community to provide a safe environment for children and families.
Vicky Dehnert Mill Valley CA I use the "Horse Hill" path along 101 and it is not optimal.
pamela del Villar Mill Valley CA As a bicyclist over a certain age it would be much easier to go through the tunnel as opposed to going over Camino Alto.  It would give many of us in southern Marin access to points north.
Joe DeMaestri Mill Valley CA  
Emily Deng Mill Valley CA It would make my commute to school much easier. Now, I am daunted by the hills of the Horse Hill and Camino Alto routes. This level tunnel would allow me to bike to school easier and faster!
Bob Densmore Corte Madera CA I bike from Mill Valley to Corte Madera every week and the tunnel would provide a safer and more pleasant route!  Thanks
Anthony DePalma San Anselmo CA  
jerome Derilo emeryville CA I used to bike from Larkspur to Mill Valley and always wished there was an easier route.
lele diamond fairfax CA  
Tim Dick Sausalito CA Alto Tunnel will help connect Marin towns for cyclists and pedestrians.  It gets people off the freeways and makes a bike / ferry commute more practical for many.  Thankyou!
Christie Diedrick Corte Madera CA I live in Corte Madera & work in Mill Valley and can see how commuting in an environmentally healthy way would be much more likely with a tunnel!
Christina Dixon Novato CA I would like to have a safe option for biking from Corte Madera to Mill Valley.  Since Camino Alto is a popular short cut for cars avoiding traffic on 101, it is especially dangerous for bikes.  A dedicated path would encourage more people to get out there.
Des Docherty Corte Madera CA Safer route for cyclists, especially families, from MV to CM
lori docherty corte madera CA reduce conjestion on camino alto / corte madera ave and provide safe place for our kids to walk and ride
Donald Dodge San Francisco CA It will make many more people want to bike between Mill Valley and points south and Corte Madera and points north! While I climb Camino Alto almost every week in my rides in Marin from SF, most people especially beginners would be put off by the difficulty of this climb (in both directions).
Donald Dodge San Francisco CA I ride Camino Alto more than once a week, I am not always looking for a hard aerobic workout, I even occasionally use the by-pass next to 101, and it would certain be safer in rain like we had this weekend!
fred dodsworth berkeley CA We need to encourage more safe physical activities for all ages and reopening this tunnel will encourage more people to get out and do physical activity in the fresh air. Additionally it will encourage more people to get out of their cars and on a bicycle. Two great goals for very little expense.
Rainer Dohse Mill Valley CA  
Sonja Dohse Mill Valley CA It  should be open to all. The tunnel being closed only serves the interest of a few.
John Doidge San Francisco CA I am a former Mill Valley resident who would have used this tunnel on a regular basis in lieu of my car to get to San Rafael.
Craig Domeny Mill Valley CA Get bikes off of Camino Alto, it's dangerous.
Kristi Dommen Fairfax CA We need to have safe alternatives for travel between Corte Madera and Mill Valley. By reopening the tunnel, walkers and riders of all levels could easily and safely "cross" the hill. Let's remove more cars and obesity at the same time!
Kristi Dommen Fairfax CA We need to have safe alternatives for travel between Corte Madera and Mill Valley. By reopening the tunnel, riders of all levels could easily and safely "cross" the hill.
Aaron Donaldson Sausalito CA Less cars!!!
Michael Dorf San Francisco CA Camino Alto can dangerous, with blind curves and reckless drivers.  Opening the tunnel will significantly impove safety.
Stephanie Dorfman Mill Valley CA  
Bettina Dornhofer San Rafael CA So i can pull my kids in their  trailer.
kim DOSTAL CORTE MADERA CA Safer route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley.
Nicole Douglas San Analsemo CA My husband commutes home from San Francisco and he currently has to go over the pass which is very dangerous. The tunnel would provide a much safer ride home.
Denise Dressler Greenbrae CA  
Christopher Dubuque Napa CA I am a former Corte Madera resident and hope to be one again. I believe in the benefits of this tunnel for all the reasons listed above.
john dugan berkeley CA  
Carlos Duque San Francisco CA We need to create incentives and alternatives for people to use different transportation methods. Opening this tunel will improve pedestrian and bicycle routes in lower Marin county.
Maureen Durnell San Anselmo CA It would be the safest and most direct route from Mill Valley to Corte Madera.  It would drastically reduce bike commute times - I rarely ride over the Horse Hill route, but would be much more likely to ride from my home in Ross Valley to southern Marin with the tunnel open.  Please do it!
Tracy Durnell Seattle WA I'm a San Anselmo native.  I'm not that great of a bike rider, so I could never make it over the hill into Mill Valley.  Riding so close to all those cars on the steep hill was too nerve-racking.
Britta Durtsche San Francisco CA I love to bike so any options to make that safer is great by me!
Steve Eagleton San Anselmo CA I commute from San Anselmo to Sausalito via bicycle and it would give me a faster, safer route to and from work.
Jim Edgar San Rafael CA This would assist non-motorized travel within Marin county, reducing traffic and continuing to develop a multi-modal transportation vision.
Ethelfrietha Ellington Tiburon CA We need to get these cars off the road!
John Ellis Corte Madera CA As a regular bicyclist I would benefit from easier access to Southern Marin. My house overlooks the bike path to the tunnel and I look forward to seeing it filled with happy bicycles and pedestrians!
miles epstein SF CA because the auto culture is killing us...and bicycling provides a little light at the end of the tunnel (not bad, eh?). Plus, I personally would us it.
Boales Eric San Francisco CA It would be a good link between the cities and a safe way to ride and commute in Marin County. As bike-friendly as the area is, it is great to be able to ride for pleasure or for work commuting away from cars and other vehicle traffic.
mary estes san rafael CA As a bicycle commuter i travel that route several times a week. Opening the tunnel would not only lessen the amount of time it takes to get to work, it would make it significantly easier.  I would stay out of my car much more often, lessening my gas consumption and cutting down on 101 traffic during busy commute times!
Leigh Etheridge San Rafael CA more car free routes and a low gradient route from Corte Madera to Mill Valley
Leigh Etheridge San Rafael CA for more car-free areas to ride
kerry ettinger san rafael CA better bike commuting and recreational access.
Michael Fahey San Anselmo CA to establish a traffic free link from north to south Marin
Bonnie Faigeles San Francisco CA  
Fred Falk Mill Valley CA Infrastructure improvements for bicycles like this one will entice more people to use bicycles (and walking) as a means of transportation.  This is exactly the kind of visionary projects we need to make a paradigm shift in the way people think about transportation.  Less automobile use is the end goal.
Hans Fallant Mill Valley CA the safest way to go from the southern part of the county to northern areas by bike or to walk. All othern options are not viable because bikers have to share theroad with automobile traffic on rather narrow roads,
Alan Farnham Greenbrae CA I agree it would stimulate bicycle use and that  will save greenhouse gas emissions, promote good  health, and "close the gap" in the North/South  Greenway.
ned farnkopf san anselmo CA To improve transportation in marin.
Andrew Farrell Corte Madera CA I would like to see the Alto Tunnel opened because it would make bicycle travel between Mill Valley and Corte Madera easier and safer, and would thereby encourage more bike riding.
Pamela Farrell Tiburon CA I bike between Tiburon and work in Corte Madera.  Right now there are difficult, limited bike access options.
nigel faulkner San Rafael CA It will be a quicker & safer way to ride and commute in Marin and to San Francisco.  Long overdue.
Steve Feehan Corte Madera CA For safe Biking
John Ferguson San Anselmo CA I ride in this corridor regularly, usually over Camino Alto. I'm a fit, 41 year old cyclist and it is challenging to ride up and over Camino Alto.  I enjoy the challenge, but I imagine that many people would be more inclined to ride their bikes between Mill Valley and Corte Madera if there were a flatter, safer route to take.  This option is critical if we really want to increase the mode % of bicycling for short trips around Marin county.
Marla Fields Novato CA Encourage cycling instead of car dependent commuting
Colleen Filler Fairfax CA  
David Finn Mill Valley CA Helps reduce bicycle traffic on Camino Alto - safer for less-experienced riders - and adds more cycling path for kids.
James Finn Novato CA It will provide a viable alternative to driving a car.
courtney finnegan tiburon CA  
John Fitzpatrick Woodacre CA  
Shari Fletcher-Billops Oakland CA  
Thomas Flynn Larkspur CA Reduce dependence on automobiles and fossil fuels.   Enhance the quality of life in Marin as it has been enhanced by other bike paths already.
kevin foley Mill Valley CA It is a much safer route for cyclists; people will be much more willing to use that route rather than the Meadowsweet route which is longer, hilly, puts more bikes on the streets.
Curt Fong Mill Valley CA To gain a more accessible bike path between Mill Valley and Corte Madera .......
stacey ford greenbrae CA I am a cyclist
Laila Forsberg Novato CA Safer bike rides.
Melitta Forsberg San Rafael CA So I can ride from San Rafael to Sausalito, where my boy friend lives.
Steve Fox Corte Madera CA I commute by bike
Jon Francis San Rafael CA We need to have a safer, more direct corridor for bicycle commuting within Marin, as well as to and from San Francisco.
Kenneth Frank Tiburon CA Safety is tantamount.  Convenience is another factor.  Divert bicycle traffic from autos.    It's just a good idea.    thanks,    Kenneth
Matthew Frantz Novato CA It'd be safer for cyclists, encourage more people to use alternate forms of transit, get people out of cars, and generally be AWESOME.
Gianna Frazee Mill Valley CA  
Bradley Frazee Mill Valley CA I am a wheelchair user.  The tunnel will allow me to go north in my county (in chair or handcycle) without getting in the car.
Dan Freeman San Rafael CA Need infrastructure to support shift to alternative modes of transportation
James French Sebastopol CA I work in San Rafael and ride on my lunch break every day.  I would love to have this connection to open up safe possibilities for my rides.
Steven Friedman San Rafael CA Access for bikers
Phyllis Frizza San Anselmo CA  
Jacki Fromme Sausalito CA As I have biked between Mill Valley and Corte Madera using both available routes, I have found them both dangerous and detrimental to a biker's welfare.  I feel it only behooves traffic safety here in the county to get bikers off the roads and on to alternative pavement.
Jack & Diane Fulton San Rafael CA I grew up near it, used it until it was closed, think it'd be a wise investment for mow and the future.
Jenny Fung San Anselmo CA A safe and alternate route for cycling.  Now that I am a mother to a 17 month old, who rides with my husband and I in a trailer, we'd be more than happy to ride our bikes to the park and pool, but there is no safe route for doing this from San Anselmo to Mill Valley.
Jennifer Gadda Mill Valley CA  
Maureen Gaffney Larkspur CA cause it's awesome.
Kevin Gammon San Anselmo CA I commute to the city by bike, as well as ride in Marin on weekends with my family, and this provides a safer route for all of us.
Enzo Garcia Mill Valley CA To improve and provide safer access to Corte Madera, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Ross, Kentfield, and Fairfax from southern Marin.
Greg Garcia Fairfax CA it's nice to ride on a quiet path away from cars
Laura Garcia Fairfax CA for safety. Camino Alto is busy with cars
Charles Gardner Mill Valley CA  
Susan Garnett San Anselmo CA It will make bike riding safer in that area.
Michael Gaspers San Rafael CA  
Michael Gassen Mill Valley CA Safer route for my kids.
jim gault greenbrae CA  
David Gaus Hollister CA To give riders (and walkers) an alternative to Camino Alto-Corte Madera Ave.
Dan Gebow San Anselmo CA Increase bike traffic to central marin, good for local economy, good for long term health of riders.
Paul Gehrman Sausalito CA Will make Marin County more bike friendly
Richard Gelber San Francisco CA I commute to Novato from San Francisco occasionally and that tunnel would be very nice and keep me from having to go over the noisy Horse Hill Trail along side the freeway.
Jennifer Gennari Novato CA For better greener transportation!
Brett Geoffroy Corte Madera CA For use as a local commuting solution.
Dennis George San Rafael CA To make traveling between Mill Valley and Corte Madera safer, easier and quicker.
Susan George San Francisco CA We use that route to commute to our friends homes in Marin and Sonoma and it would be a great recreational route as well.
Simon Gertler Oakland CA Support the use of non-motorized modes of transportation such as bicycling and walking and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
Matthew Geyer Mill Valley CA We need to be forward-thinking about transportation, and bicycles are a significant part of it.  This connector between two key cites in Southern Marin and its transportation corridor is key to making bike commuting -- to work, or just around towns -- feasible for more than just athletes.
Martha Giblas Mill Valley CA It will provide much safer transportation between MV and Corte Madera for the many bike riders who are trying to do the right thing by riding bikes more, driving cars less.
richard gilardi kentfield CA  
mary gilardi kentfield CA safe access from CM to mv
Tim Gilbert San Rafael CA To complete the critical north south bike route through marin.
kyle Ginwala San Rafael CA  
Nick Ginwala San Rafael CA  
Susan Ginwala San Rafael CA  
Jay Ginwala San Rafael CA  
Steve Giondomenica Greenbrae CA Encourage safe cycling and commuting by bike as a viable option commutitng by car
Steve Giondomenica Greenbrae CA Because it supports safe cycling and will encourage more commuting by bike as well.
Zoe Glas San Anselmo CA Because it would be badass
stephenny godfrey corte madera CA I ride to work every other day over Horse Hill because Camino Alto has become treacherous with all the cyclists and there has been more than one almost near miss incident with cyclists and drivers not "sharing" the road.  PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE SOMEONE IS KILLED!!!  I would ride everyday if we opened the tunnel.
John Goggin Mill Valey CA For increased bicycle commuting in Marin County.
Aaron Golbus San Rafael CA I commute several days a week by bike from my home in Terra Linda to San Francisco, currently I park and ride from larkspur because of the time it takes to ride but if their was one less hill, I would ride the whole way.
Mark Goldrosen Corte Madera CA  
Natalia Goldsmith mill valley CA i support non-motorized transportation
Ralph Gonzales Kentfield CA I gave up my car last year, and commute by bike regularly to san francisco.  I brave Camino Alto regularly, and have had numerous "close" encounters with cars... especially during the evening commute when it's dusky/shaded and the drivers are trying to beat the traffic to get home.
lisa gonzalez sausalito CA I use the tunnels in San Francisco and would use this one to ride from Sausalito to San Anselmo.
Loral Good Mill Valley CA I would use it to bike commute
Francine Goodman Mill Valley CA i bike alot and the corte madera grade is unsafe
Paris Good-Swan Mill Valley CA It would be a faster and safer route to get between Corte Madera and Mill Valley. It would reduce vehicle traffic and encourage people to exercise more. It could be used by emergency personnel also.
Anne Gorby San Anselmo CA  
Carl Gottlieb San Rafael CA So I can commute on foot or by bike to Sausalito.
Kathryn Goursolle San Ramon CA it will make it a lot easier to bike from Corte Madera to San Francisco and back.
Gary Gouveia Santa Clara CA soon
Jay Graham Sausalito CA It would make a much safer commute from southern Marin to norther Marin
Deborah Graham Mill Valley CA I'd like to be able to use the Alto Tunnel to bike to work at College of Marin from Mill Valley.
Maria graham fairfax CA  
Wolfe Grand Corte Madera CA It just makes sense.
stephanie grandjacques san francisco CA  
Eric Gratacap San Francisco CA As a person who does a lot of riding I personally like taking Camino Alto but I providing options and a safer route for the casual rider is a huge benefit.  I would also hope that this would increase the amount of commuting by bike by eliminating 1 major obstacle.
Celia Graterol Mill Valley CA for easier commute to work, for safety riding away from the cars, nice way to connect with the Cal Park Hill Tunnel!!!!
Rick Graves San Rafael CA Dangerous to ride up and over Camino Alto with no shoulder and blind corners.
Burt Greenspan Novato CA Safer bike route between Mill Valley and Corte Madera and better link to trails south of Mill Valley.
Tim Greer Mill Valley CA Better biking
Philip Greer Sna Anselmo CA  
Johanna Greer-Smith Corte madera CA  
Johanna Greer-Smith Corte madera CA  
Philip C. Grinton Santa Rosa CA Because it provides a safe pedestrian/bicycle route off the high vehicle density roads
Rebecca Groves San Francisco CA I'm a cyclist and would love to use it!!!
Scott Guillaudeu Santa Clara CA Promote SAFE cycling routes for everyone!
Ergin Guney San Francisco CA We have a long way to go in promoting biking as a healthy recreational activity and a green mode of transportation. This would be a step in that direction.
Emre Guney San Diego CA It would be a nice support for a safer, more sustainable and comfortable bike community.
Mark Gunther San Francisco CA To provide greater access to cycling  for the general public.
Jonathon Gurish San Rafael CA Transit to and from Sausilito, Mill Valley and Tiburon is essential to creating a link along the 101 corridor.  The Horse Hill Bike trail is noisy and narrow.  It does not put you into the center of Mill Valley or connect you up to the bike trail that goes from Mill Valley to Sausilito.
Noah Guyot Mill Valley CA Easy and safe access to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.
Manuel Guzman San Anselmo CA  
Carol Haggerty Larkspur CA I ride my bike for exercise and running errands. I am too nervous to ride over Camino Alto as I think it is very dangerous for bikers. I frequently ride to Mill Valley by taking other/longer bike routes. I would be able to ride farther if I could use the tunnel.  Thanks.
brad hagoski los angeles CA  
Janet Haley Novato CA  
Sandra Hamilton San Anselmo CA We should make it easier for people to commute by bike.
Julie Hanft Mill Valley CA 1.  Horse Hill too steep for my child to ride over.  2.  Camino Alto too dangerous.  3.  My child goes to school in Corte Madera, we live in Mill Valley, we would use the tunnel daily.  4.  Public transit is not even an option because they've eliminated the 7 and 7:30 AM buses from Mill Valley north.
Will Hangen Santa Cruz CA I visit Marin a lot, mostly for mt biking.  I think this tunnel would make it easier to get from the Blithesdale area to the other side of the hill.  Safer too.
Shari Hansen Sausalito CA  
Melissa Harms Corte Madera CA Would like to bike to Mill Valley, Scott Valley
Scott Harrington Mill Valley CA I'd like to see a safer and more convienient bike rout
Scott Harrington Mill Valley CA I'd like to see a safer and more convienient bike rout
Silvia Harris San Rafael CA  
Charles Harris San Rafael CA If Marin County is really serious about encouraging alternate forms of transportation, re-opening the Alto Tunnel is an absolute "must".  Right now, cyclists are forced to take a circuitous and difficult route over Horse Hill, which discourages all but the hardiest riders. It is a completely impractical route for commuters and shoppers.  The Alto Tunnel route would provide a safe, "doable" route for riders and walkers of all ages and physical conditions, encouraging many more to get out of their cars.
David Harris Mill Valley CA  
Steve Harshbarger Corte Madera CA I commute between Corte Madera and SF 3x per week by bike. This would make the trip safer and shorter.
Lori Harvey San Rafael CA To ride more easily from Central Marin to Mill Valley and Sausalito, and then be able to return more easily and safely.
megan harvey corte madera CA to get access to MV, safe for kids and novice cyclists.
Hal Harvey Mill Valley CA (1) safety (Camino Alto is dangerous to bikes, especially for kids.  (2) Access.  I use all sorts of shops and recreation in Corte Madera, and would ride much more if the tunnel was open.
Paul Hass Fairfax CA To encourage hill-free cycling for those who might otherwise be discouraged; to discourage the use of the car for everyday transportation, thereby unclogging roadways, and sparing our air.
Theodore Hatch Mill Valley CA The tunnel will provide a safer alternative than to bikes riding over Camino Alto.
Christian Heath San Rafael CA Bicycling is an increasingly important transportation option in the 21st century.
Christian Heath San Rafael CA Bicycling is an increasingly important transportation option in the 21st century.
Joe Helmer Kentfield CA Makes bike commuting safer and more convenient.
Clara Hendon Larkspur CA It is ridiculous not to!
Ward Hendon Larkspur CA ASAP
Matthew Henn Mill Valley CA Commute to work would be greatly improved. Camino Alto is far too dangerous to be biking over every day, just to get to work. I've had endless near misses on that road.
Nicolle Henneuse San Rafael CA Great for biking/walking, overall community improvement.
M.Katharine Hermann Larkspur CA Because I ride a bike, and the more accessible ALL places are, the more likely I shall be able to ride everywhere.
Adam Hernandez Tiburon CA Because its very convenient
Tara Hernandez Fairfax CA I want a better route to Mill Valley/Sausailto
Jan Herr San Anselmo CA good for the health of the Bay Area- both for the  environment and the people.
Jan Herr, MD San Anselmo CA The use of this route will reduce traffic over the Corte Madera grade, improve cycling safety, and encourage the use of bicycles as an alternative to motorized transport, with all the attendant social benefits of reduced pollution, reduced dependence on foreign oil, and improved public health.
Holly Herren Mill Valley CA It would be a safer route between towns and encourage bike usage.
Daniel Hersh Mill Valley CA It will be safer ride to Corte Madera from Mill Valley over my current options.
Michael Herzog Corte Madera CA To make Marin a more connected area and to help pedestrians travel between areas that are now difficult to access.
Donald Herzog Mill Valley CA Provides an ADA accessible route that can be used by kids and the elderly.
alexandra hess mill valley CA  
Stephen Hesson Fairfax CA I'd prefer to pedal through it then over it.  It's a safety issue.
Jim Hewett Fairfax CA I have ridden many times over Camino Alto.  I am a confident cyclist and have few issues with this route personally, but I can easily see how it would be a serious obstacle to bike commuting and riding for others.  Let's open the tunnel and remove the barrier to north/south travel.
lawrence Higgins san rafael CA To provide better safer biking access to these areas.
Michael Hill San Leandro CA Any safe cycling route needs to remain open.  The US is way behind in available safe routes for bicycles.
Bob Hillhouse Napa CA I ride my bicycle often from Napa to relatives in the Palo Alto area. Traveling through Marin Co. is always difficult. The opening of the tunnel would be a big improvement, more enjoyable and safer.
Cathryn Hilliard Mill Valley CA The Alto Tunnel will provide a safe route for bicyclists.
Marjorie Hilton Novato CA easy biking access
Clark D. Hinderleider, MD, PhD Mill Valley CA Good commuting route
Peter Hively San Anselmo CA I live in San Anselmo and travel frequently to Mill Valley to visit my elderly Mother. The traffic on Sir Francis Drake,  101, and East Blithedale is pretty bad, and I prefer not to add to it by driving. I prefer to ride my bicycle along the back route through Ross, Larkspur, and Corte Madera. I see many, many cyclists along this route every time I use it. Camino Alto is steep, narrow, and dangerous, with many blind curves and driveways. The Horse Hill route takes me well out of my way, adding about 10 minutes to a 35 minute trip. The Horse Hill bike path is poorly maintained, with mud and water running across it when it rains, and comes out at the junction of a blind curve and a gravelly parking lot. As a strong, experienced cyclist I can deal with these challenges but I would benefit greatly from being able to use the Alto Tunnel to shorten my trip. I would absolutely ride my bike more, and drive my car less frequently. I know many other cyclists who refuse to ride over Camino Alto at all. I have no doubt that the Alto Tunnel would be a big boost to bike travel.
Peter Hoch San Anselmo CA Opening the tunnel is a crucial piece of opening the bike route to those that are challenged by grades and it also brings in children that would not otherwise be allowed to ride along the edge of busy streets.
Linda Hoch San Anselmo CA This would be a wonderful link for riders from Corte Madera to Mill Valley.  (I may have signed this previously but I can't remember.)
Linda Hoch San Anselmo CA Fantastic way to get to Mill Valley from Corte Madera. Many people will use it.
mike hochstoeger mill valley CA We should have as many possible unmotorized ways to travel as possible.  Especially paths of travel that are not shared by automobiles.  This allows for greater safety and for bikers, a much more pleasurable riding experience.  Open the dang tunnel!
jerome hoffmann san francisco CA  
Peter Hogg Greenbrae CA ti improve the bicycle paths
Alan Honda Fairfax CA I would like to see the Alto Tunnel opened because it would be a great thing for everyone in the community.
Laura Dax Honda Fairfax CA I think it would make biking much easier and safer.  As a result more people will ride their bikes and save erergy.
Laura Dax Honda Fairfax CA  
Jeff Hopkins Fairfield CA love bike riding, love visiting the area, great rec opportunity for families
Ian Hopper Novato CA Because it would make my trips from Larkspur to Mill Valley safer and faster! It would also allow people who can not currently bicycle between these two cities due to the terrain and/or the safety issues to be able to do so safely and quickly!
Bruce Horn San Anselmo CA Easier and safer commute between Greenbrae and Mill Valley.
Ray Hosler Santa Clara CA It beats Camino Alto.
Sheldon Hough Yucca Valley CA For bicycle safety
Cammie Howard Orinda CA  
Lynne Howe San Francisco CA To have another riding option in Marin!
Christie Hoyle Tiburon CA It is much more convenient for bikers and will promote biking rather than driving!
Deb Hubsmith Fairfax CA  
Kerry Huffman Mill Valley CA  
Harry Hugel Concord CA  
Lisa Hunt Fairfax CA Better access for cyclists.  Reduce congestion with cars.
Hilary Hyde Mill Valley CA Safer for bikers than Camino Alto  Faster for commuters
Carolyn Ingram San Anselmo CA Bicycle safety.  A good route for walkers and joggers.  Reclaim something from Marin's past dedicated to a new use.
R Irwin Sausalito CA A better bike route with no cars.
robert ivory San Anselmo CA commute to san francisco on a regular basis
Mark Jackson Mill Valley CA I want to use it to ride from Mill Valley to San Rafael.
lorene jackson san rafale CA improve bike access throughout Marin
kati jackson san francisco CA bicyclists need safe and easy access
Mark Jacobs Mill Valley CA I live in Scott Valley and commute to San Rafael, it would make my commute safer and easier.  The tunnel would also allow kids from southern and central marin to visit friends and attend activities without their parents ferrying them, we must get our kids out of autos, this is a huge public heath issue, much more important in my viewthan the environmental concerns.
Susan Jacobs Mill Valley CA  
Rodger Jacobsen San Rafael CA So I won't have to climb over the hill I my bike when I don't feel like it.
jim Jacobsen Forest Knolls CA To complete the bike circulation plan in Marin.
jean james Mill Valley CA It's the right thing to do
Elmer Jan San Rafael CA Removal of any barriers to cycling or bicycle commuting is a good thing!
Dan Jeffris Mill Valley CA Safer bikes routes for transportation and recreation.
Graham Jessup Kentfield CA It would complete a gaping hole in the marin county bike path system, and would give existing riders a safer alternative.
McLeod John Mill Valley CA Increases quality of life for the whole area, keeps inexperienced cyclist away from cars, provides a healthy way to get places around Marin.
Markham Johnson Mill Valley CA  
Timothy Johnson Novato CA  
Wendy Johnson Mill Valley CA Less reliance on automobiles to head north and south.  More opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists.
Hal Johnson Mill Valley CA Because the Camino Alto grade is way to dangerous for 90% of the people who ride over it.  Additionally, it will create better access for younger kids.
Jim Johnstone Corte Madera CA To make ridding to Mill Valley an easy option for the family.
Paul Jolicoeur San Rafael CA I am a cyclist living in San Rafael with family in Mill Valley so a safe bike connection between the two would be very useful.
Alan Jones Mill Valley CA Biking is the way to get around and doing it safely is the way to live a long time.
Steve Jones Mill Valley CA To encourage bicycle commuting within the county.
Nina Jones San Rafael CA  
Timothy Jordan San Francisco CA Easier access to Mill Valley, safer travel
Mick Jordan Palo Alto CA Anything that encourages people to bike is worth doing, considering what we spend on infrastructure for cars
Jack Judkins Fairfax CA I bike commute and use my bike regularly to get around the Bay Area.  To have the tunnel would greatly facilitate a North South route between my home and SF
Sven Junkergard San Anselmo CA I commute daily during the summer time from San Francisco to San Anselmo and the Camino Alto part of the ride is by far the most dangerous stretch on my commute.
Dan Kahn Mill valley CA  
Wendi Kallins Forest Knolls CA It would save me about 20 minutes to get to Mill Valley
Walter Kanat San Francisco CA Openig the tunnel would provide a short access route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley which is not only safer than the usual routes, but also less strenuous, a vital factor for a 86 year old. my age
Chris KANE FAIRFAX CA Improve opportunities for bike commuting for residents of all ages
Dan Karasic San Francisco CA To make it easier and safer to bike through Marin.
Ellen Karpay-Brody San Anselmo CA Opening up safe options for outdoor physical activity via exercise and/or transportation is an example of what we need more of in our community and country.  It's good for users and it's good for the environment.
maki kasai san rafael CA support bicycling as a way of travel as opposed to pollution inducing vehicles!
Paul Kasbar San Rafael CA Safer cycling and walking for all. Increase the use of non-motorized transportation.
Oliver Kaufmann Ross CA  
wilma kay corte madera CA we need more safe roads with bicycles able to ride safely as well.  Camino Alto is CRAZY
Susan Keel San Rafael CA It will make it easier to communte between San Rafael and Mill Valley by bicycle.
Julian Keippel Corte Madera CA TO improve transportation options and to decrease highway congestion.
Ric Kellen Corte Madera CA Easy access between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.
Douglas Kelley Corte Madera CA Facilitate bike travel to Mill Valley
Michael Kelley Berkeley CA  
Jessica Kelly San Francisco CA  
Katie Kelly San Rafael CA The only other routes work only for those who can handle steep climbs. The route with the existing bike path, the so-called "safer" one is steepr than Camino Alto. Drivers on Camino Alto can be aggressive at times. This new bike path would create such an obvious and necessary link between neighborhoods.
eli kemp san anselmo CA So that I could bike to school everyday.
James Kendall San Rafael CA I'm 62 years old; would make riding easier.
Jim Kendall San Rafael CA I'm an avid cyclist. I'm over 62 yrs. of age, and would frequently make use of a path which avoided hills & traffic.
Colin Kennedy Greenbrae CA So I can ride my bike to San Rafael and do errands. This is a landmark and historic feature of Marin County that should be developed and maintained for the benefit of all Marinites.
William Kennedy San Francisco CA My grandchildren live in Corte Madera and I frequently bike from San Francisco to their house. Also, they are now able to bike enough to use the Alto Tunnel
Lauren Kennedy San Anselmo CA To have a safe, flat route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley that even my son will be able to ride.
Liese Keon Larkspur CA As both a cyclist and a motorist I am very concerned about the risks of having cars and bikes together on the narrow Camino Alto/Corte Madera Avenue. Opening the tunnel would reduce risks for bicyclists, motivate others to exercise, open contact between Corte Madera and Mill Valley communities.
Kevin Keyser Mill Valley CA  
Kim Kieckhefer Ross CA  
Jinwoo Kim Larkspur CA Because it would promote safe non-motorized travel between Corte Madera and Mill Valley, especially for children. It would promote business by facilitating bicycle and pedestrian travel between the two cities; I would love to be able to ride from Larkspur into Mill Valley quickly and safely to do some shopping or to go out for dinner. Lastly, it would be a shame to establish a long bicycle and pedestrian route throughout Marin county and beyond and have this be the 'missing link', especially as the Larkspur ferry and the SMART train are expected to play an increasing role in handling commuter traffic in the North bay.
Jinwoo Kim Larkspur CA I think it's vital that we promote alternative transportation, and the completion of the Alto Tunnel is the one remaining broken link that, once restored, will establish an unprecedented county-wide means of safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious means of alternative transportation.
Grace Kim Mill Valley CA  
Chris King San Francisco CA To promote low-traffic riding areas for families and simplifying commute access
Steve Kirkham San Francisco CA  
joan kirsner mill valley CA It's the last critical link in the North-South Greenway. It will take bikes off of Camino Alto. People of all abilities and disabilites will be able to ride. In an emergency it will provide a route for aid vehicles.
James Kirsner Mill Valley CA It is the last link needed to be opened to complete theNorth-South Greenway from The Golden Gate to Sonoma
Julie Kirsner Sausalito CA The tunnel will be accessible to people of all abilities and will encourage safe biking and walking over driving.  It's the last piece in the entire North/South greenway.
William Kissinger Mill Valley CA I am a cyclist and would love to ride with my kids to Corte Madera rather than along the highway.
Erin Kivo San Francisco CA Cyclists need more off main road routes in which to travel safely.
Ian Kizu-Blair San Francisco CA I love bicycling in Marin and not everyone feels comfortable biking over Camino Alto to get north of Mill Valley from San Francisco.
Scott Klimo Larkspur CA TO increase mode shift and make the bicycle a viable means of transportation between Corte Madera and Mill Valley for people of all ages and physical ability.
Paula Kluge Novato CA To further continuous connection of cities in Marin County for bicycle commuting, especially considering the current increase in bicycle commuting by citizens of Marin County.
Mark Knowles Fairfax CA I would use it for my commute. I bike from Fairfax to Mill Valley. More generally, good bike paths promote cycling, which creates a more livable community.
Anne Komer Sausalito CA I don't always feel like going the hill climb over Camino Alto and I'm sure there are TONS of recreational and commuting cyclists who wouldn't even consider it, or even the hill climb over Horse Hill.
Jon Krabbenschmidt Belvedere CA I ride up the Camino Alto pass every other day on my way to Northern Marin.  This is a dangerous ride due to the cars and bikes competing for limited road space.  This preceived danger keeps novice rides from venturing far from home.
David Krah San Francisco CA This project is a key investment in the effort to enable walking and biking to make up a major share of transportation trips. It is clear that we must reduce and hopefully eliminate our dependence on automobility, and infrastructure projects such as these are crucial to ensure there are alternatives.
Peter Krasnoff Larkspur CA I am a employer in San Rafae, with staff located in Sausalito.  If the tunnel were open, this would aid in promoting bicycle commuting, as the current bike path grade is very difficult and discourages riding, except for the very athletic.
Nicholas Krivoruchko Mill Valley CA We desperately need to have this link between Southern Marin and all points in Northern Marin.  It will create a greater sense of community between Mill Valley and Corte Madera/Larkspur, allow people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes to commute and exercise safely without having to go over the Corte Madera Grade, and will improve the quality of life for everyone in the community including those opposing it.
David Kroodsma San Francisco CA Because everyone would benefit.
Hugh Kuhn Mill Valley CA To enable an easier and faster bike commute to the Larkspur Ferry.
paul kundrat fairfax CA Nice alternative to Camino Alto hill.
david kupfer San rafael CA This is so long overdue. I really do not comprehend why this is not seen as in the public's interest. Camino Alto can be seen as a dangerous ride to many biking simpletons. Reopening the tunnel will boaden bicycling in Southern Marin, make it safer and more desirable. Look at the hundreds of millions we spend via Caltrans to keep the freeways so spacous and "safe". How about fair spending of money representing the bikers for a change. Hey, and biking doesn't destroy the environment like driving.
Joshua Lance Fairfax CA  
Barry Landfield Ross CA Better access for smoother cycling
Dan Larkins San Francisco CA  
Lee Larsen Mill Valley CA Frequent bike riders and bike commuters like myself need this safe off-road alternative to the current Camino Alto thoroughfare that winds up and down the steep hill between Mill Valley and Corte Madera, is filled with blind curves, and consists of narrow lanes without shoulders.
Henry Larsen Mill Valley CA For safety of myself, my family, friends and community who ride bikes on Camino Alto until this safer alternative is available to us.
Brad LaRue San Rafael CA It will allow the masses of all fitness levels access San Rafael to Greenbrae and vice versa, without a major athletic effort. As a fairly fit rider who commutes to San Francisco, a shower is always required, and this would be unfeasible for quick trips to shopping etc. By opening up this important route we can really solidify peoples ability to use a convenient alternative to their cars and reduce trips w/i the county.
timothy j. lasheway corte madera CA having lived in Holland for many years i understand how important cycle infrastructure is to a higher quality of life. Connecting communities brings in much needed revenue, many commute to San francisco and having more bike routes is safer for everybody.
Karl Laucher San Jose CA I am a cycling enthusiast with ties to Marin and Sonoma counties.
chris lauzon san rafael CA so i can bike through it
Allen Lavee San Rafael CA To reduce auto usage and provide an easy and safe route to Mill Valley.
Jennifer Lawson Oakland CA It's a huge public resource to have safe bike routes.
Roger Lawton San Rafael CA This is a needed and desirable effort; future population demands on resources and population will mandate a sophisticated and effective biking system.
Marcie Leach San Rafael CA Much safer than current bike routes now....
Alex Leader Greenbrae CA  
Jennifer Lee Los Altos CA So it will provide a safe route for bikers and provide less hazard for drivers if this Tunnel is open.
Nancy Lee Corte Madera CA Now that I'm older, I can't bike over hills like I used to! Plus, I would commute to San Francisco by bike more often if there was a quicker, flatter route from my home in Corte Madera to SF.
Stan Lee Oakland CA Having choices to always a good thing.
Mike LEe San Francisco CA Makes it safer for everybody.
Vicki Leeds Pt. Reyes Station CA  
Brian Lehman San Rafael CA I would certainly use it.
Jason Lehrbaum Cupertino CA More trails to ride on is always a good thing
Warren Leiden Mill Valley CA Only opening the Alto Tunnel will permit recreational family bicycle travel between Mill Valley and Corte Madera and beyond.
Ralph Leighton Tiburon CA It will increase safety for non-motorized travel, and promote good health through exercise and less miles traveled by car.
Peter Lenn Mill Valley CA  
Bob Lenz San Rafael CA I like to bike commute to work and this would make it more likely that I would do it more.
julian lepelch mill valley CA I want to ride my bike with my friends on a safe off road path
julian lepelch mill valley CA I want to ride my bike with my friends on a safe off road path
Bill Lescohier Fairfax CA I ride bicycles, and it would be great to have a safe convenient route from Corte Madera to Mill Valley.
Jeff Leslie Greenbrae CA I would like the Alto Tunnel opened so we have a safe alternative over cars to get from Corte Madera to Mill Valley without having to ride on the windy Camino Alto competing with speeding cars. I used to live on Corte Madera Avenue and the combination of bikes and cars on that narrow, windy road is extremely dangerous.
Jonathan Levaggi San Rafael CA There is a desperate need for additional North-South routes for bicycle traffic in Marin.
Jennifer Levine Mill Valley CA Easier, safer access between Mill Valley and Corte Madera
Andrew Levine Mill Valley CA I'd love to see a safe bike passage for folks to get through Marin.  I live a few hundred yards from the Mill Valley portal, and it would greatly enhance where my family could ride to safely.
David Levine Mill Valley CA  
Sheila Levine Mill Valley CA  
carol levy san rafael CA to create access for bicyclist.
Max LIdl Novato CA  
Andrew Lie Mill Valley CA To help increase overall bicycle travel within Marin county.
Jay Linderman Greenbrae CA I can't think of a good reason for it NOT to be opened.
Kfir Lindheim San Anselmo CA More safe paths for pedestrians and responsible cyclist alike is always a benefit to the community at large.
Michael Lipson San Anselmo CA  
Craig Litorja San Francisco CA Having safe and convenient alternatives to going over Camino Alto or Horse Hill would be a boon to recreational and commuter cyclists.
Jason Long Mill Valley CA It would be a much safer alternative than exisiting routes.  It will positively contribute to a bike friendly envrionment
Karla Lopez Corte Madera CA So I can travel on my bike more easily! I don't own a car and plan on never owning one- help me help the environment!!!
Lori Lopin San Anselmo CA Safer access for pedestrians and bike riders.
John Lorance San Francisco CA Anything that supports additional bike access and can help to untangle cars and bikes, I'm a fan of.
Jon Love Mill Valley CA would be great for the community.
David Lown Mill Valley CA provides safe route between Mill Valley & Corte Madera (alternative to Camino Alto), better linkage between the two cities
Michael Luchino Greenbrae CA Would be great for everybody. Get a few cars off the road.
Louis Lucq San Rafael CA  
Thomas Luehrsen Corte Madera CA So my kids and I can ride safely to Mill Valley and back.
Kris Lunning Larkspur CA  
Lisa Luzzi Inverness Park CA  
Simon Lyon Frensham CA Make commuting by bicycle safer and easier.
gordie MacDermott SanRafael CA I bike all around Marin. would be very nice to be off  streets on my way from SanRafael going south.
Dylan MacDonald San Rafael CA Having a fast, level through route for cyclists, runners, walkers and other non-motorized transportation is the best way to get people out of their private cars.  If this is a transportation goal of Marin County, California and the federal government, then this is a no-brainer.
Bonnie MacGregor Sausalito CA I'm a senior who would like to ride my bicycle more often and without having to "walk" it over that grade, so don't do it.
andrew mackay mill valley CA it's a shame how difficult and unsafe it is to ride from Mill Valley to Corte Madera, Larkspur, Ross, etc.
Michael MacKenzie Corte Madera CA It makes sense.  The tunnel bore represents an asset  that can and should be utilized.
Andrew Mackles Santa Rosa CA  
Kia Macpherson Corte Madera CA It is the logical, direct, safe, flat and fast route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley.  It is the only route that will actually get people to shift from motor vehicles to bicycles and walking.
Doug MacPherson San Francisco CA To offer an easier route for those wishing to bike between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.
Lucy Macpherson Corte Madera CA Ride to school
Kia Macpherson Corte Madera CA Safe
David Macpherson Corte Madera CA It is the simple, flat, safe extension of the Borth-South Greenway.  It will increase people shifting from driving cars.
rayne madison corte madera CA It will encourage bicyce commuting. Right now, there are really only three options for traveling from Corte Madera to Mill Valley by bicycle. All three routes have significant climbs. Two of the three roads are narrow, windy and lack shoulders. The remaining route involves a very steep climb which is really impossible for anyone traveling with children to climb. Opening the Alto tunnel would give commuters, families and causal riders a flat safe alternative to travel from Mill Valley to Corte Madera. I truly believe that there would be a large increase bicycle commuting between the two towns if the tunnel were opened.
Don Magdanz San Rafael CA Have a complete North-South Greenway that is usable by all cyclists and pedestrians, including handicap.
John Malone Novato CA Make it easy for more people to bike and walk.
Matt Manuel San Rafael CA Bicycle commuting to San Francisco plus weekend rides around Marin
Daniel Manza Corte Madera CA  
Greg Maple Mill Valley CA  
enid marcus fairfax CA To promote safe riding areas.
Randi Martin Vallejo CA  
Craig Martinelli Lafayette CA For all the reasons noted above on this petition
Madison Matej Mill Valley CA I love to go shopping on my bike!
Madelaine Matej Mill Valley CA I love biking to meet my friends and on errands because I can exercise and get where I need to go, at the same time.
Bob Mateo San Francisco CA The more open bike routes, the merrier.
Richard Mather Larkspur CA I often ride between Corte Madera and Mill Valley and the roads are narrow and often dangerous. Re-opening the tunnel would make this ride much safer.
John Matocq San Rafael CA I will use it a lot.
Debbie Matson San Anselmo CA To be able to ride my bike to Mill Valley without all of the stress of riding with cars.
Phyllis Matyi Larkspur CA  
Maury Maverick Mill Valley CA  
Bridget May San Francisco CA  
Jackson Mayes Mill Valley CA For all of the reasons listed in the petition.
Jack McClellan Bolinas CA  
Kathleen McCoy Mill Valley CA To promote bicycle use
preston mccoy san rafael CA Convienent, level connection.  WIll be a great attraction for out of town visitors.
Jeff McCullouch Petaluma CA I want to ride.
Jeff Mccullough San Rafael CA To provide the best passage possible through the area for bikes and pedestrians.
Matt McDonald San Francisco CA flat riding!  and because every cycling win is important.
Richard McDonough Larkspur CA I'm an avid mountain biker and I would like easier, safer access to Mill Valley and Sausalito.
Alec McEachran San Francisco CA  
Michael McIntyre Novato CA It will encourage more non motorized transport and facilitate additional activity and community interaction between Corte Madera and Mill Valley.
Ken McKenna Novato CA Safety!
Dan McKenna Forest knolls CA  
Brad McKenzie San Rafael CA We need more people riding their bikes and it needs to be an easier endeavor!
Rebecca McLennan san Francisco CA Important community resource
Kathy Mcleod Mill Valley CA I know many people who currently are not able or willing to attempt a bike ride to or from Mill Valley to Corte Madera because of the long steep hill. For many reasons promoting bike riding is good for the whole community and the right thing to do for all. Opening the tunnel will provide that short flat route and eliminate the current barrier keeping so many from a non-motorized form of transportation.
Sam McMillan Mill Valley CA Opening the Alto tunnel will provide a safe route for bicyclists using the roads of Marin County for transportation. We need more safe bike routes, especially along Highway 1 / Shoreline to provide access to Muir Beach, Stinson, and Point Reyes.  thank you  Sam McMillan
Kathleen McNamara San Francisco CA I want to see the Alto Tunnel reopened because it provides if will provide a safe & flat route between Corte Madera and Mill Valley for bicycles and pedestrians. We need these kind of improvements to our transit system...pathways that encourage cycling and walking, and make these non-polluting modes of transit more attractive.
Brett McPherson San Rafael CA  
Karen Meezan Mill Valley CA Please!  A safe way to bike and walk Camino Alto - not just for those biking and walking, but the drivers too.  Veering around the bikers and walkers means going into oncoming traffic.  Please keep us safe!
Liam Mehler San Rafael CA I live in San Rafael, and often drive to the Ferry Building in Larkspur.  It would be fantastic if there were an alternate method of doing this.
Ann Mellen San Rafael CA So my son can feel safe when he rides his bicycle.
Leland Mellen San Rafael CA To get more Cyclist off the road. Safety.
Cassandra Mellen San Rafael CA Want to be green.
Blair Menn San Francisco CA The Camino Alto pass can be very congested and dangerous.  A tunnel would provide an alternative access for bikes and pedestrians as well as free up Camino Alto for car traffic.
Walt Meservey San Anselmo CA To ride more easily from Central Marin to Mill Valley and Sausalito, and then be able to return more easily.
Paul Metz San Jose CA More bike-friendly infrastructure
marcia meyers san rafael CA  
jane Middleton San Rafael CA It is a safe, easy route to Mill Valley, Sausalito, and Marin City. Many people would use it who are not able to climb horse hill or Camino Alto.
Laura Miller Berkeley CA I have been biking in this area before; it would be great to see trails opened to support biking
Richard Miller Fairfax CA With weather getting better and more daylight hours, I plan to commute by bike from home to SF 3-4 times a week.  The tunnel will be safer than el camino and easier on my 60 year old legs.
Stewart Mills Mill Valley CA  
Michael Milton Novato CA For safer alternative routes for bicycle riders, pedestrians.
Robert Miros Fairfax CA Safer, easier access to Southern Marin from Central Marin. And to encourage my kids to ride down to Mill Valley for sporting events as opposed to requiring being driven.
melanie mociun mill Valley CA To provide a safe cycling route between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.
Peter Mollison San anselmo CA  
Marco Monroy San Francisco CA Excellent safe path away from cars
Ernesto Montenero Alameda CA It would be the fastest way to get North to Corta Mdera.  Now people have to climb Camino Alto witch takes some time.
Jacqueline Moore San Francisco CA For improved and expanded access in touring through a greater expanse of regions
Cathy Moratto Mill Valley CA I hike and bike a lot and it would make access to Corte Madera and Larkspur much more accessable.
Cathy Moratto Mill Valley CA  
Cindi Moravec Petaluma CA link MV and Corte Madera for biking, walking, why not, sounds safer than the other alternatives
Michael More San Rafael CA  
Robert Morgan San Rafael CA I strongly encourage Marin County and its cities to open up free and safe passage for bicycles throughout the county. Its especially important to establish a north-to-south route as an artery for commuting as well as connecting communities. Such options provide residents with a cleaner and healthier choice than motor vehicles.
Susan Morgan Wellesley MA  
Kelly Moritzburke Corte Madera CA I bike and I walk and I believe that both options need to be better supported.
Robert Morris Sausalito CA To use it to get from Sausalito to Corte Madera.
Tim Morris ross CA For easy access biking form mill valley to corte madera. This would encourage biking commute.
Kathleen Morrison Mill Valley CA  
Philip Morton Berkeley CA  
Jacquelyn Moskowitz Mill Valley CA To open up a non-auto way of traveling.
Jerryl Moskowitz Mill Valley CA because it will expand biking access to a greater part of Marin; it will be safer and because it will get provide an alternate to cars, it will be environmenally friendly.
Dolores Mosqueda San Anselmo CA I want to see an easier and safer route to connect Mill Valley to Corte Madera. It would make commuting so much easier. Let's encourage more bikes and less cars! In this current economy, it only makes sense to utilize the existing railways for bikes and pedestrians.
Margaret Moster Mill Valley CA  
Jessica Mott Mill Valley CA Easier commuting to Corte Madera - less cars on the streets.
Barbara Moulton Santa Rosa CA To expand the opportunities for non-motorized transportation, and reduce green-house gas emissions.  To close a major gap in existing facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.
Todd Moutafian Mill Valley CA Because we would use it a TON.
Betsy Muir Mill Valley CA I live in Mill Valley and commute to San Rafael.  This will make the trip much faster and easier to travel to work on my bike - as much as I love the trip over Camino Alto on the weekends.  I also sometimes meet and ride with my students to school - for the non-serious bikers, the tunnel will make the commute to school a more realistic and frequent option.
Owen Mulholland Greenbrae CA If we want people to really use non-motorized transportation we need to make it as practical as possible, and opening this tunnel would give a huge boost in that direction.  Here I'm thinking of people commuting by bike.  Those who want a little more workout can always ride over the hill.
Ann Mulroy Kentfield CA  
Christopher Munoz Antioch CA To create safer routes for non-motorized transportation.
Alexander Muromcew Ross CA I would use it!
James Murray Greenbrae CA great walk exender
George Myers Sausalito CA I'm 74 yrs. old, and in agreement w. ALL of the points in favor suggested by MCBC !!
Marjorie Nachman Mill Valley CA for a fun safe place to ride biks with my children
Steve Nash Larkspur CA My wife and I are avid hikers.  This is one more way to help people enjoy the outdoors in a safe and healthy way.
Ruth K. Nash Larkspur CA For all the positive reasons listed by MCBC, especially the pedestrian and bicycle access between CM and MV that  promotes health and safety.
Deborah Neely Mill Valley CA Obvious reasons! I HATE walking along the 101 to get to the CM library from MV!
Gail Neighbors Novato CA  
Douglas Nelson Mill Valley CA  
Sarah Netoff Petaluma CA Love bike riding through Marin; anything that makes it easier and more accessible is great.
Steven Nevius Piedmont CA So I can ride through it.
Colin Nicholls Novato CA I want to commute to work by cycle, easily.
Cheri Nielsen Mill Valley CA I'm a daily bike commuter between MV & San Rafael for work and it would make the trip safer & easier.  Also, with the Alto Tunnel open I would likely make most or all of my frequent weekend "errand" trips to Corte Madera by bike instead of car.
Carol Nienaber Novato CA  
Joan Nilsen San Rafael CA This would be a safer route for bicycles, runners, & hikers.
Haggai Niv Greenbrae CA  
milton nogueira san rafael CA safe access
milton nogueira san rafael CA safe access
josie nordrum corte madera CA so that less people are injured trying to bike next to the freeway and over camino alto
jonathan oldfather san anselmo CA Increase bicycle use. Safer route for pedestrians and bicycles. Wise investment in infrastructure.
Athos Oliveira Mill Valley CA  
greger orelind san  rafael CA I ride from Terra Linda to San Francisco one day per week.  Opening the tunnel would save time and allow me to ride more days per week.
michael orlandi mill valley CA to help generate more cycling
Joyce Ortega Larkspur CA It's very important to have a safe and direct route from  Corte Madera to Mill Valley and this would be it.   When the bikes go over the hill to from Corte Madera to Mill Valley, it is super dangerous when you are driving in the car.   If you need to go around the bike you are going over the yellow line on a very curvy road and that could cause a bad accident.   It is very scary.   This route is just perfect  for getting from one city to the other.   I truly hope the Alto Tunnel project will go thru and be completed as soon as possible.   Thanks .
Bonnie Osborn San Francisco CA Safe way to get through Marin.
Carl Otto Mill Valley CA  
Thomas Padgett Mill Valley CA Our family would find the tunnel very useful and would use it.  It would be much easier and safer than Camino Alto.
Laura Pagano Mill Valley CA safety
Norm Page San Anselmo CA I think it's a healthier alternative and it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured on the existing routes from MV to CM.
Pamela Palma Oakland CA Its great alternate way for people to ride their bikes.
Eugene Palmer Kentfield CA A safe, fast, and historically connected bike/walk route from points South and Mill Valley to Larkspur and points North would provide commuters and recreational riders a highly functional transportation link.  Camino Alto is long, steep and dangerous and certainly discourages me whenever I consider a trip, for whatever reason, across that region.
Lisa Paningsoro San Rafael CA I work in Mill Valley and it would be nice to have a flat route option biking to/from work where I wouldn't have to worry about cars during the commute hours.
Janie Pansini Mill Valley CA To get to northern Marin by bike. Can't manage hills now nor traffic
Maggie Paola Mill Valley CA As a Mill Valley resident and avid cyclist, it would greatly ease my bike rides from MV to Corte Madera!
Jarel Parker Greenbrae CA I work in Sausalito and live in Corte Madera.  That is a big hill for a work commute and the Alto Tunnel is already there!
joel parker sausalito CA To avoid the deadly combo of bicyclists and the crazy, unaccountable drivers of Camino Alto.
David Parquet Mill Valley CA I am a bike rider. i live in Mill Valley. I frequently ride to corte madera, kentfield, ross, etc. Camino alto is dangerous. Horse hill bike path is not convenient. Fire roads are possible, but neither convenient (mmwd has stopped mtn bike use on the most convenient route!) nor easy.
Tim Parr Mill Valley CA more bicycle commuting
Michael Parrett San Rafael CA We all need to have alternatives to automobile travel
Charlotte Patterson Mill Valley CA I want a flatter, safer way to get to Corte Madera by bike with my grandson on the bike of the bike.  It would have made it easier for my daughter to get to work during rush hour when she had a job over there.
Mark Peery Greenbrae CA So I can commute back and forth from Greenbrae to Mill Valley
Donna Peltz Greenbrae CA To have a safe way to get from Corte Madera to Mill Valley!!! YEAH!
elaine penwell woodacre CA  
Andy Peri Fairfax CA It's cool and flat and I can live in there!
Pia Persson Mill Valley CA  
Fenn Pervier San Rafael CA To promote safe cycling and open up transportation by bicycle.
Tasmin Pesso Larkspur CA Easier path and would encourge more riding between Mill Valley and the Twin Cities.
Tom Peters Larkspur CA Safe, accessible bike routes.
Hillary Peterson Mill Valley CA Safety!!!  I ride, my clildren ride and Camino Alto is scary!!!!
blair peterson mill valley CA To provide a safe (and flat!) alternative cycling route, suitable for casual cyclists, children & families, between Mill Valley and the rest of Marin to the north!
Michael Petraitis Mill Valley CA I cycle regularly, and this tunnel would make life a lot easier!
Nam Phan Novato CA I'm an avid cyclist.
John Phillips Larkspur CA I am disabled, cannot drive, get about by tricycle towing my wheelchair.  I can't cycle up steep hills.  Opening Alto would greatly expand my horizons.  I can also be contacted through my friend Cindy Winter, 461-0299, e-mail
scott phillips San Francisco CA To extend a fabulous bike path.
Robert Phillips Mill Valley CA A key safe route to ride north of Mill Valley. A route families and children would use.  The shared road is dangerous.
ralph pilley san geronimo CA to get the recreational riders off the camino alto climb and leave it for racers.
Paul Pina San Rafae CA We need to focus on non motorized ways of transportation.
Tracy Pioli Novato CA Open, Open, Open.
Jordan Plath Lagunitas CA  
Susan Plotncik Sausalito CA I live in Sausalito & work in Corte Madera. When I bike, I use the 101 route & I don't like breathing in all those fumes. Would definitely bike more often if the tunnel was open.
Steven Plunkett Fairfax CA Opening the Alto Tunnel would provide an alternate route to Camino Alto, which is not bicycle friendly.
alan podesto cloverdale CA This is a great way to go to or from mill valley to corte madera which would make it safer for biking or walking
Josh Podesto San Rafael CA To increase the use of bicycle transportation!
gloria pomilia sausalito CA  
Paolo Pompanin Mill Valley CA The Alto tunnel offers a great opportunity to create a connection between Mill Valley and Corte Madera accessible to poeple with all abilities.
Rod Ponath Greenbrae CA To open access from mid county to south county.
Lee Poppel Tiburon CA exercise-exercise-exercise and  for more expansive and open cycleing
Terence Porter San Rafael CA Safer,flatter,more appealing route from Mill Valley to Corte Maders
Terry Porter San Rafael CA Ease f passage from MV to CM during commute, safety for same section .
Cathy Portje San Rafael CA  
Daniel Potash West Hollywood CA Bike transportation is healthy for people and for the planet.  Especially for older riders (like me!) the tunnel would make it easier, indeed, possible for me to get from Mill Valley to San Anselmo on bike.
john potis san francisco CA Camino Alto is a significant barrier to every day cyclists who wish to move freely between fairfax, san rafael and corte madera and san francisco. Opening the tunnel would be a significant improvement for regular cyclists, giving them a viable option for getting around without a huge physical effort.
Heather Powe San Rafael CA To increase safety and access to pedistrians and cyclists in Marin county.
Mitch Powers Greenbrae CA For all the obvious reasons...we are at war killing people to protect our interests (read oil). We need to bend over backwards to create more ways for people to move via human powered transportation.    Let's get that tunnel open...
william prestwood san francisco CA Cmmmon!
Claud Price Larkspur CA  
John Prosser Mill Valley CA good for both cyclist and car drivers in Marin
Davin Pukulis San Francisco CA My commute takes me from San Francisco to San Rafael every day. By opening this tunnel, I will have a much easier time getting to work by bike either from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal or by riding the entire distance from. I urge you to open the Alto tunnel as soon as possible and encourage healthy, environmentally-friendly, congestion-easing commuting!
Peter Pyle San Anselmo CA Promote bike use and safety although I prefer to ride over the hill.
Charlie Quaid Richmond CA Good for cyclists - why waste a resource
Josh Rafner Kentfield CA For years I have attempted to bike with my family from Corte Madera to Mill Valley and Sausalito.  It is currently difficult and dangerous.  Camino Alto is completely unacceptable for family biking because of the steepness of the grade and dangerous traffic.  The Horse Hill route requires a couple mile detour from the bike path on either side of the tunnel, with dangerous traffic along Tamalpais and climbs along the 101 freeway that are impossible for families.  For what should be a bicycle-friendly County, the lack of support for restoring access to the tunnel is a disgrace.
nathan randel sausalito CA  
katherine randolph mill valley CA I am 62 and bike twice a week.  I will not bike up Camino Alto and Horse Hill is too far.  I would use the tunnel!
katherine randolph mill valley CA I bike every week and find Camino Alto too dangerous and Horse Hill to far to go.  I would love to have more places to bike.
Paul Rauber Berkeley CA  
David Reichard Corte Madera CA 1) Community benefits. 2) So I can bike to Mill Valley so quickly and easily that I wouldn't think of driving.
Delia Reid Fairfax CA I rarely go to Mill Valley because it is awkward to get there on the bus.  I would cycle there though if the tunnel were opened.
Zac Rempe Novato CA  
richard ricciardi mill valley CA  
Jo Ann Richards San Anselmo CA To complete another section of the North-South Greenway. To provide a flat, safe bike route from Corte Madera to Mill Valley.
Philip Richardson Mill Valley CA To support non-motorized travel
blake richardson mill valley CA to mitigate the traffic on Camino Alto. It is a dangerous commute on the Corte Madera side of the Corte Madera grade.
Debra Richerson Richmond CA to provide an alternative biking route so I can enjoy rides with friends and family who can't use the hill route.
Pamela Rickard Greenbrae CA I am an avid biker, both for recreational and commuting purposes and this would make a big difference!
Leonard Rifkind Larkspur CA soon
Todd Ritola Larkspur CA more convenient, easier to use pathways will remove barriers and encourage more people to ride rather than drive. I regularly travel between M.V. and C.M. and would use the tunnel perhaps daily! Open the Alto Tunnel please.
Campbell Rivers Sausalito CA  
Bill Rivers San Francisco CA Contention for the road space on the hill produces a dangerous situation, I have seen many near accidents where impatient drivers over take on blind corners only to meet cyclists near to the median (because of the rapidity of the descent on those steep grades).
barry robbins corte madera CA more options
Mike Robertson mill valley CA For bikers.
Heather Robertson mill valley CA Use for bikers!
John Robie San Francisco CA I am an avid cyclist and I frequently ride in the region the tunnel serves.
Christina Robinson San Francisco CA  
Matt Rodgers Corte Madera CA I ride my bicycle extensively, including commuting between Corte Madera and San Francisco.
Bob Roehm san rafael CA  
Deirdra Rogers Fairfax CA The average person won't consider cycling as a means of transportation until the routes are safe and flat.
Todd Rollin Mill Valley CA Connecting Southern Marin and Central Marin is still painful. I  see many people coming from Sausalito and Mill Valley is their terminus, where they could access a lot of business - and additional commute options - if the tunnel were opened.
Barbara J. Rolph Mill Valley CA I really look forward to reOpening Alto Tunnel to close the last gap in the North-South Bikeway and specifically, to make my commute between Mill Valley and San Rafael easier and quicker.  Thank you very much.  Sincerely,  BJ Rolph
Alexander Rose Sausalito CA Safe and convenient bike routes in Marin are REQUIRED for a lower carbon, better health future.
Steven Rosenberg Mill Valley CA  
Camerin Ross Mill VAlley CA We need more options for safe, running/biking/walking, not fewer.
Barry Rossnick San Rafael CA  
Thomas Roth San Francisco CA Safer ride through Marin!
Bernadette Rowan Mill Valley CA great access and safe riding
Jonathan Rowe Greenbrae CA I have a permanent leg injury from an accident, and though I can cycle I can't cope with hills.  And I need a bicycle because it is low-cost transportation.  I'm eager for Cal-Park to open, and I sincerely want Alto open as well.
Alicia Rozum San Francisco CA We need a flat and accessible bicycle commute route from SF to Marin.
Larry Rubin San Francisco CA Easier access to Corte Madera from Mill Valley
Christopher Ruedy San Francisco CA it is the only choice of the 3 routes that will make any significant difference in ridership because it is the only choice that makes a significant difference to the infrastructure.
Linda Ruggieri Mill Valley CA I can't currently bike to Corte Madera because I can't do hillls! Have a bad low back and love to ride, but climbs kill me.
Tony Ruggiero Fairfax CA  
Chris Ruppe Stinson Beach CA  
Martin Russell Mill Valley CA I commuted to the city by bike and ferry or bridge for more than 30 years. I know how valuable these connections are for business, pleasure and the health of ourselves and our community.
Christine Russell San Francisco CA  
John Rutledge Forest Knolls CA Bike access.
Robert Rye Larkspur CA Improved access for multitudes of people - close the gap
Tom Sabido San Rafael CA For safe passage
Melanie Salman Corte madera CA So my kids and I can have a nice safe ride into Mill Valley
greg salter san anselmo CA link at least  two communities with easy access to both.  would certainly promote the use of bikes.  safer commute option than comino alto. especially in winter.
Toby Salz Mill Valley CA  
sabrina sam larkspur CA Encourages new people of all ages to walk, stroll, or bike. By creating a safe passage way thru the tunnel for bicyclist, we eliminate the dangers of that bicyclists and drivers face on Camino Alto.
Jill Sampson Mill Valley CA Providing an alternative to driving is a HUGE asset to the county.
David Sams Mill Valley CA To ease the bike cummute between MV and Corte Madera.
Mike Samuels San Rafael CA Well, for one thing, I crashed on Camino Alto
Mike Samuels Mill Valley CA To get from here to there
Michele Samuels Mill Valley CA I want to see the tunnel opened so that bicycle riders of all experience, pleasure riders and, especially, commuters, have a safe and more accessible route to travel through Marin County.  As a cyclist, I know just how difficult and dangerous traveling by road can be from Southern to Northern Marin.  If we want to get cars off the road, we need to give people a safe and easier route to use their bikes.
Jason Sanchez San Francisco CA Another road without cars is always great!
Jose Luis Sanchez Larkspur CA Please consider the reduction of Carbon footprint. This will benefit the Earth, the humanity and our future.  Thanks
Mark Sapiro Mill Valley CA To provide an easier route between Mill Valley and Corte Madera/Fairfax/west Marin that I would use when tired or in a hurry.
Carol Sarkis Sausalito CA would make a bicycle ride to work in Corte Madera much more feasible and safer
Debra Sartell Corte Madera CA Safe biking/hiking to Mill Valley
John Sarter San Rafael CA For rider access for communters, recreational,  and families
Kevin Scheer Greenbrae CA so i can use it!  and be a healthier person too!  i would bike more often!!!
Jean Scherman Kentfield CA I have six young grandchildren, 3 in San Rafael, 3 in the East Bay.  I would love for them to ride with their parents through the Alto tunnel from Kentfield to Sausalito.  What a grand excursion for family outing!
John Schlag Novato CA more biking, less driving, fewer GHG emissions, less fossil fuel, fewer resource wars
Mark Schlesinger San Francisco CA Access to more bike routes.
Erik Schmidt San Anselmo CA Many reasons -- direct and safe route for commuters, families and kids; complete the alternative transportation network; tourist attraction; access for disabled citizens; and more.
Brent Schmitz Santa Clara CA The more trail opportunities, the better!
Joel Schmukler Mill Valley CA It would be a safe and easy way to travel between Mill Valley and Corte Madera, currenly Camino Alto is dangerous, broken pavement, no bike lane.
David Schnake San Francisco CA I bike all over Marin, and often take the route over Camino Alto. Opening the tunnel would create a flatter route into Fairfax. This would allow for longer distance, flatter routes for many cyclists. It also would open up a flat route with less car dangers for less experienced / older bikers to ease biking between Mill Valley and Larkspur. It just makes good sense.
Nestor Schnasse Novato CA To reduce bike/traffic conflict on Camino Alto, and to encourage cycling in Marin.
Richard Schneider San Rafael CA For safe biking, it is the right thing to do.
Eric Schneider San Anselmo CA for safer longer bike rides.
kenneth schopp Mill Valley CA better bicycle access to north marin
Nancy Schopp Mill Valley CA Makes easy access for bikes and walking from Mill Valley to Corte Madera.  Keeps people out of cars
Todd Schopp Fairfax CA To encourage more bike commuting.
Todd Schopp Fairfax CA We need a clean, green, safe way to get over (or under) the hill.
Robert Schuchardt San Francisco CA To support biking.
Samuel Schuchat Stinson Beach CA Because I am an avid cyclist!
Jennie Schultz Santa Rosa CA  
Mike Schwartz Mill Valley CA  
Andrew Scott San Anselmo CA Safer bike route. There is limited room on Camino alto for safe riding. This will be another alternative for transportation for College students whom live in Mill Valley and other nearby towns.
Terry Seaton Corte Madera CA To bike safely to So Marin on weekends
lisa Sebastian Fairfax CA  
Gina Servina Larkspur CA We need a safe, easy and convenient way to get between Corte Madera and Mill Valley.  The tunnel is a community resource that the community should be able to benefit from.    From an economic perspective, let's do everything we can to stimulate our local economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Let's encourage healthy transportation alternatives, and discourage carbon dioxide emissions at the same time.  Time is of the essence.  The longer it takes to complete this project, The more it is likely to cost.  In these challenging economic times,  hungry contractors are submitting bids that are lower than projected for a variety of projects.  Let's benefit from these lower potential bids before this rare window of opportunity closes.
Gina Servina Larkspur CA We need a safe, easy and convenient way to get between Corte madera and Mill Valley.  The tunnel is a community resource that the community should be able to benefit from.
Roberta Sharnak San Rafael CA  
Maiya Shaw Mill Valley CA It is so important to have safe places for kids to ride their bikes and right now there are limited areas that are accessible from MV without driving.
Jonathan SHaw Fairfax CA I'd liek to bik commute to san francisco using an electric assit bike.  THs would mke it possible.
greg sheffer mill valley CA I am a regular cyclist and commute between MV and COrte Madera.  Would love to have a safe route like this and allow more cyclists who are intimidated by the streets  to get out and ride.
Michel Sherman Fairfax CA all the reasons above
Mark Sheron Novato CA  
Nathan Shimek San Francisco CA Safe cycling in Marin
Tim Shore Mill Valley CA  
Megan Siegel Mill Valley CA I ride between Mill Valley and Corte Madera regularly, but would bike more frequently if it were safer. When driving Camino Alto, I'm always terrified I will endanger a cyclist; no matter how careful and attentive I am, it's just too narrow for both cars and bikes.
Linda Siegel Greenbrae CA For biking and walking
Richard Siegel Mill Valley CA Provide a safer bike corridor for younger and less experienced riders, along with commuters.
Fernando Silva greenbrae CA Help lower emissions, create a secure and easy way to connect Corte Madera and Mill Valley, Give an option for weekend drivers to use a bicycle as a family gathering instead of using the car for such small trip, get more people to commute using bikes, specially the ones that goes to manzanita transit center and also the ones who goes to SF by bike.
Flor Silva Mill Valley CA  
Valerie Silva Santa Rosa CA  
Gregory Simon Mill Valley CA Open zero-emission transport and recreation for those ages 7 to 70!
Katherine Simon San Francisco CA So my mom can take my dad with her on more bike rides so they can stay healthy and happy!
David Simon Mill Valley CA It would make it much safer to be a cyclist in Marin County.
hilde simon corte madera CA I want to be able to ride safely into Mill Valley without freeway fumes.
Evan Sims San Rafael CA safer, more direct route, it will make the bike commute more attractive.
Eileen Sinnott San Francisco CA I would like to bike to work from San Francisco to San Rafael, and would like a safe route
Julie Skopal Corvallis OR A safe, flat bicycle and pedestrian route through Marin and eventually, farther north is so important.  We must stop relying so heavily on automobiles as our primary mode of transportation.  Global climate change, gushing oil lines killing our oceans,.... how many more reasons do I have to give?  Besides, dreams do come true, and this route would be one of them.    PS.  Yes, I use to live in Sonoma County and with luck,will be moving back to CA. soon.  :)
Michael Slane San Anselmo CA Because I like it.
Peter Smith San Francisco CA Being able to cycle on the most direct routes from Point A to Point B is important to me, as cycling is my primary mode of transportation. This tunnel link will help provide a direct route for me and many others.
Michael Smith S CA More safe routes for bikes = more people using bikes for transportation.
Greg Snyder San Rafael CA Easier biking access between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.  I believe this would create a huge increase in bicycle commuting and reduce the number of car trips in a lot of marin county.
Andrew Sohn San Francisco CA Safer transit from Mill Valley to Corte Madera.  Better commute route for cyclists north of Mill Valley.  Easierr transit to locations north of Mill Valley for family cyclicts.
Angela Sohn-Lee Mill Valley CA for commuting purposes
Richard Solimine Mill Valley CA It would make riding to Corte Madera(and beyond) something the whole family could do, not just a workout...
Mariana Sosa Cordero Stinson Beach CA Here in Marin we need better and safer access to non automotive transportation. We don't need two tons of steel around us at all times!!
robert Spear Corte Madera CA so i can go home an easy way after having fun in mill valley.
jill sperber Tiburon CA creates access for peds and bikers who are unable or afraid of Camino Alto
William Spiller Larkspur CA  
Marc Spina San Rafael CA As an alternative commute route, decrease pollution.
Robin St. John Mill Valley CA I love to bike, and would like to see a safer alternative to biking on the roads or near the freeway, gag!
David Stadlin Tiburon CA  
Kim Stanley San Rafael CA convenience for riders and pedestrians to freely travel, makes sense to have passage ways
Tim Stanton Point Reyes Station CA  
David Starkey Mill Valley CA  
Michael Stecher Mill Valley CA As a lifetime local, and a person who uses cycling to get nearly everywhere, I know that most of the roads around Marin were never intended to accommodate both cars and bicycles, much less for the population we now have. The prospect of a safe multi-use passage, away from motor vehicle traffic, not only makes cycling a more appealing form of commuting (getting cars off the road) but also provides a safe environment for the young and elderly to walk or ride as well.
Elmar Stefke Berkeley CA Any opportunity to provide additional safe recreational opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists is a worthwhile cause!
Dale Steinmann San Rafael CA  
William Steinmetz Walnut Creek CA Encourage biking vs. driving between Mill Valley & Corte Madera.
carol stern mill valley CA we need more people on bikes to reduce the traffic congestion and more people will be likely to ride if it is an easier ride - no cm grade to go over.
Cameron Stewart San Rafael CA For my daily commute - I'd bike more often & further if the tunnel exisited.
Joe Stewart San Rafael CA More options for alternate transportation through Marin.
Luben Stoilov San Rafael CA fond of biking
Dave Stoll Mill Valley CA Because I bike commute to SF from MV, and even though I would not use the tunnel to commute, my colleagues would and it just makes good sense.
Pamela Stone Mill Valley CA Help reduce traffic congestion on local roads and support non-motorized travel for young, e;der;y, and disables not able to use other existing toutes, which are too difficult and dangerous.
Scott Storrs Larkspur CA I often commute to the SF from Larkspur and the Alto Tunnel would be a much safer and more direct route than Camino Alto or Horse Hill.
robert stout fairfax CA Great help to bicycle riders & hikers
albert strietmann sausalito CA To make commuting easier for bikers.
David Strong San Anselmo CA I am a bicycle commuter, former commuter of the year, and support all initiative that would increase safety, access, and availability of alternative, clean, green modes of transportation, biking, walking, etc.
John Strouss San Francisco CA  
Lorna Strutt San Francisco CA It would make a logical shortcut.
david sudlow Novato CA for a more direct route between towns
Brandon Sullivan Sausalito CA I'm a cyclist and avid supporter of all self powered transportation.  By expanding the network of multi-use trails, the number of people using those trails will also continue to expand.  This project makes sense because it will create a direct connection between two regions of Marin, and the trails on each side of the tunnel will become indispensable to residents.
Whitney Sutak Mill Valley CA I would bike to work every day if that tunnel was re-opened and I know a lot of people who feel the same way!  Please support people who choose to commute by bike!
Whitney Sutak Mill Valley CA I would bike to work every day if that unnel was re-opened and I know a lot of people who feel the same way!  Please support people who choose to commute by bike!
Elizabeth Swan Novato CA For all of the listed reasons above.
Alisa Swartz Mill Valley CA  
Brian Swartz Mill Valley CA  
James Sweeney Greenbrae CA For a faster commute to SF.
Noam Szoke San Francisco CA  
Gregory Szorc San Francisco CA cycling convenience
John Taft Mill Valley CA Safe route for my children between Mill Valley and Corte Madera by Bike.
Kyle Tai Mill Valley CA To make an easier bike commute to my job in Larkspur
Lawrence Tan San Anselmo CA A safer way to commute.
George Tanaka San Rafael CA Improves my bicycle commute from San Rafael to San Francisco
Robert Taska Mill Valley CA I see the tunnel as a benefit to commuters between communities north of Mill Valley and those who wish to bike or walk into the communities south of Alto hill, and even into San Francisco during their workweek. It's an additional opportunity for weekend riders, pedestrians and tourists to take advantage of the beautiful towns and all their amenities. This may reduce weekday biker traffic on the more hazard prone Camino Alto.
Woody Tate Sausalito CA I like to ride bikes, and would like to see more people enjoying the activity...
Woody Tate Sausalito CA Oh to list all of the reasons. I want every one to be able to feel empowered to ride their bike as much as possible. With out having to climb intimidating hills this may make more people ride to more places. Yay.
skyler taylor mill valley CA So there could be a bike path connecting mill valley and corte madera.
Dan Teich Washington DC Opens up a convenient link, promoting transit between the two towns.
Todd Temres SF CA  
Ann Thalman San Rafael CA The Alto Tunnel would make it easier to ride my bike to work in the city.  I am not a strong enough rider to ride over Camino Alto.  Thanks!
A Thomas Mill Valley CA  
S Thomas Mill Valley CA  
Leo Thomas Mill Valley CA To be able to ride to redwood high school for water polo, swim meets and summer school
Leo Thomas Mill Valley CA To be able to ride to redwood high school for water polo, swim meets and summer school
Alex Thomas Tiburon CA Keep cyclists safe. Provide more walkways for hikers and walkers.
Elisabeth Thomas-Matej Mill Valley CA I want to venture farther afield on my bike, in safety!  I ride for my own health, as well as to spare the air.  I do most of my local errands by bike but am limited by joint health and can ascend only short, moderate hills--especially with a heavy load of cargo.
M. Kathryn Thompson Fairfax CA To connect bike routes and for safety.
Mark Thompson San Rafael CA To connect more bicyclists/pedestrians to more areas in Marin County
Robert Tillman Sausalito CA In order to ride my bike through it.
Matthew Timberlake Mill Valley CA I ride a bike and the tools who like to scare bikers with their cars Camino Alto will not have targets any longer. This combined with the auto congestion it will help with are key for me.
Hope Timberlake Mill Valley CA  
Ellen Tirpack Mill Valley CA  
Kevin Tirpack Mill Valley CA  
Mitch Todd Forest Knolls CA 1.) increase non-motor options for commuters  2.) provide safe recreational routes for pedestrians and bikers
Leslie Tognazzini San Anselmo CA Promote bicycle transportation easily
David Tollen Mill Valley CA I bike, and I'd like a better way north of Mill Valley.
Mario Torres San Rafael CA I'm a bicycle lover
Nancy Tracy Naoa CA  
Terry Tracy Napa CA To provide a continuous north - south bicycle corridor through Marin County
Linda Trenholm San Anselmo CA It would connect to dozens of miles of pathways to generate more bicycling and walking in Marin County.   This would be wonderful and make riding and walking safer.
Bob Trigg Fairfax CA It will make non-motorized travel much easier, especially for children, seniors, and the disabled, between MV and CM, and that will in turn, increase mode share for walking and biking. That's a good thing in and of itself, but the secondary benefits include greater public health, less pollution, climate change mitigation, less dependence on foreign oil....
Jeff Tse San Anselmo CA It will be safer for cyclists and better for vehicle traffic as well.
Louis Turi Greenbrae CA Better human-powered access between Carte Madera and Mill Valley.
v turzo novato CA I enjoy bicycling in that area.
Phillip Tweedie San Anselmo CA  
Christopher Uren San Rafael CA Camino alto is a little narrow for lots of riders.
Mike Van Allen Mill Valley CA So I can bike to Corte Madera, Larkspur, etc. with my kids. I wouldn't have to drive over there to ride bikes. I also don't always feel like going over the El Camino hill when I'm on my own. Easier errands. I'd take my car less.
Delia van der Plas San Anselmo CA  
Christina van der Plas-Nau San Anselmo CA The tunnel will provide safe and quick access between San Rafael and Larkspur Landing, making commuting to San Francisco easier.
Sergio Velasquez Unit d CA Have a new, flat way from larkspur to my office in mill valley!!
Marc Vendetti Fairfax CA I want to see the Alto Tunnel opened to remove a major obstacle to cycling access between central Marin and all points south.  I believe it would greatly encourage cycling for commuters and recreational cyclists alike.
Rudi Verhoeven Greenbrae CA Great for my commute and rides
Franz Vettiger Corte Madera CA I live a block away from the Alto Tunnel.  I commute to SF by bicycle and at present go over the hill via Camino Alto Rd.  When biking home after a 12-hour shift it would be WONDERFUL not to have to climb this hill.
Tracy Viana San Rafael CA  
Renee Villiere Fairfax CA  
Ken Voigt San Jose CA To avoid traffic when.
Silke Vom Bauer Fairfax CA The hill between Mill Valley and Corte Madera is so steep that it discourages me on most days to ride my bike that way. The tunnel would allow riders of normal fitness, and not just the athletes, to ride that route. Any reduction of cars would be of critical importance.
Jorgen Vos Mill Valley CA  
Brandon Wagner San Rafael CA  
James Wall San Francisco CA Safety!  Moves bicycles off roads and away from car traffic; better for both bicycles and cars.
Jason Walters Larkspur CA To ease the access between mill Valley and Corte Madera
Helene Walters Larkspur CA My family bike to school and to their afterschool activities.  My kids are independant and healthy.  The tunnel would extend their possibilities to the other side of Horse Hill.  My husband would probably switch from the car to the bike to go to work.
Karl Warren Sausalito CA Bicycle transport from Sausalito to Corte Madera. The existing routes are too steep and dangerous.
Dwayne Warren San Rafael CA Alto Tunnel is the SAFEST alturnative.  More and more people want to ride and walk, but don't for fear of interaction with moter vehical traffic.
rich waxman San Rafael CA I bike between San Rafael and Sausalito regulary
Susan Weaver Stinson Beach CA connect communities, provide equal, level access to people of all ages and abilities.
Derek Webb Ross CA Historic Landmark that bikers and pedestrians can enjoy. Also safer than riding the Camino Alto Grade.
joseph weber mill valley CA  
Anja Wehrmann San Anselmo CA Because I am a cyclist and want to use it.
Randall Weil M.D. San Francisco CA Will help to make biking safe to be able to avoid very congested roadways
Elihu Welber San Anselmo CA The use of this pathway will reduce traffic and polution over the Corte Madera grade, improve cycling safety, and increase the use of bicycles as an alternative to motorized transport, with all the attendant social benefits of reduced polution, dependence on oil, and improved public health.
Justin Wells Greenbrae CA I commute between Greenbrae and Mill Valley. Opening the tunnel would drastically increase the number of times that I ride my bike rather than drive this commute.
joanne welsh san francisco CA I would like to bike the area - and I am not keen on hills - in my case steep downhills!
Gary Welsh Sausalito CA  
Nancy Weninger Larkspur CA It would provide a faster, safer and easier route for me to travel from my home in Larkspur to destinations in Southern Marin and beyond.
Heather Wenner corte madera CA Great access for kids, bikers, etc.
Whitney Werner Larkspur CA  
Raoul Wertz Mill Valley CA To facilitate non-motorized transportation in Marin.
Troy West Novato CA Well I would like to see this happen for everyone, and it is a way to stay off the main roads. Last month I was 1 of many that should a family of 5 on 1 bicycle make it from the north side of The Golden Gate Bridge to Petaluma, and by being able to use the tunnel would have done a lot for the family of 5 on 1 bicycle.
Bay Westlake Kentfield CA Easier and safer route than the alternatives
George Westlake Kentfield CA Easier and safer route than the alternatives
Pete Wheelan Mill Valle CA Crazy but true, in this beautiful county that we live in there are not that many long, flat, bike-friendly routes to ride with kids and as a family.  Opening the tunnel would be a huge step forward.
Brent Wheeler San Rafael CA Provide cyclists & pedestrians safer transportation route void of vehicular traffic
Ken White San Rafael CA More peds/bikes = less gas/carbon, more community.
Douglas White Mill Valley CA I encourage the use of non-automotive transportation.
Nancy Whitlatch Martinez CA  
Joanne Whitman Mill Valley CA  
Cynthia Whitman-Bradley Kentfield CA Because I'd like to ride to Mill Valley from Kentfield, but I don't want to go over either of the hills which are the only choices now.
Don Wieneke Sausalito CA Bike riding to the towns north of Sausalito.
Tony Wilbert Greenbrae, CA  
Heidi Wilbert Greenbrae, CA  
Russ Wilbert Greenbrae, CA  
steve Wilbur San Rafael CA  
Heidi Wilcox San Francisco CA I believe everyone walking and riding should have access to a safe, level passage to and from destinations.
Eric Wilcox Kentfield CA To further encourage biking as a preferred method of transportation.  Most people drive back and forth when they go between MV and CM - this is a great alternative.
Judd Williams Mill Valley CA It will turn a future liability into a civic asset. Connections on foot and bike are personal and getting out of cars is wonderful, this tunnel will make that easier and safer.
Angele Williams Mill Valley CA Because it is a great opportunity to increase and promote getting outside and will be beneficial to the individuals and the community as a whole.
Melisa Williams Mill Valley CA For a safe and accessible alternative to driving a car.
Kim Wilson Fairfax CA So I can commute by bike to work in Sausalito from Fairfax on a safer route.
Tim Wilson Corte Madera CA It would make my bicycle commute to San Francisco faster and safer. It would get many more people on their bikes and out of their cars.
Tiana Wimmer Mill Valley CA Extends bike routes to Corte Madera bike paths for people of all ages and abilities.
louis windhurst lafayette CA Bicycling is the future!   Marin is leading the way for this bright clean and healthier future.The Alto Tunnel is a key link in a new kind of transportation system.How about opening the San Rafael Bridge to bicycles next?
Andrea Windom Mill Valley CA  
Cindy Winter Greenbrae CA So I can ride through it in my old age!
Christopher Womack Mill Valley CA I support the positive arguments. Makes good sense. Don't like either of the two current routes. Camino-Alto is dangerous at best.
Anne Wooster Ross CA  
Pamela Wright Sausalito CA To facilitate biking rather than driving
Lorna Wuertz Novato CA  
Erin Yelda Apt 8 CA It is a shame to see such a beautiful area to bike in spoiled by this one connection between the safe-bike routes.
Thuy York Mill Valley CA  
Indi Young San Rafael CA Flat route will encourage me to do more errands by bicycle.
Jennifer Zamzow San Rafael CA  
Nash Zamzow San Rafael CA  
Eric Zickler San Anselmo CA My commute!
Gary Zieses San Francisco CA I commute to Marin every day on my bike
Diane Ziesing Larkspur CA safer bike route to/from mill valley
Jacqueline Zimmer Jones Mill Valley CA It takes me almost an hour to ride to work. Camino Alto is dangerous
Greg Zirbel Mill Valley CA I'm getting too old to get over the hill.