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Kids in Safe Routes Program

Safe Routes to Schools programs are designed to decrease traffic and pollution, and increase the health of children and the community. Safe Routes to Schools promotes walking and biking to school using education and incentives to show how much fun it can be! The program addresses parents’ safety concerns by educating children and the public, partnering with traffic law enforcement, and developing plans to create safer streets. Marin County pioneered the national Safe Routes to Schools program that has spread across the U.S. and is in all 50 states today.

History of the Marin County Program

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) started Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) in Marin in 2000 with a combination of grants from the Marin Community Foundation, The California Department of Health and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as one of two national pilot programs. We started with nine schools and added five more in the first year. By the end of the first two years we were able to increase the number of students traveling to school by walking and biking from 21% to 38%.

Then in 2004, the voters of Marin passed a transportation sales tax that included 11% funding for Safe Routes to Schools including crossing guards and infrastructure. The program is now under the auspices of the Transportation Authority of Marin, and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition continues to run the day-to-day activities through a contractual agreement. Almost 50 schools now participate in the program in Marin County including preschools, almost every elementary school, middle schools and even high schools.The program has expanded to include a diverse offering of classes and opportunities to encourage more walking, biking, carpooling and transit use in the journey to and from school.

For more information on the Marin Safe Routes to Schools Program click here.

Training and Consulting

training brochureMCBC offers trainings that will fit the needs of your community. We can train your coordinators or the whole community, whether you are a school district, city, or advocacy group. Whether you are a start up program or want to develop a plan to sustain your mature program, we can help you to find the strategies that will work for your community. Trainings can include:

Wendi Kallins

Wendi KallinsWend Kallins is one of the foremost national experts on Safe Routes to Schools. She is the founder and Program Director for the award winning, national model program in Marin County, CA and author of the NHTSA Safe Routes to Schools Toolkit. She can provide a wide range of support from a one-hour lecture to a full day workshop in your community. More

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