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Bike Etiquette and Common Sense


I. Introduction

With few exceptions, bicyclists on public roadways assume the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers, and are subject to the same state laws and local ordinances.

It is imperative that we cyclists hold up our end of the bargain! Bicycling is beneficial for personal health and when used instead of a car as transit to town or country it is beneficial to our environment. Many people are working hard to improve bicycling conditions here in Marin. We will not succeed if mannerless cycling is the norm.

Bicyclists need to show respect to get respect. We hope that you will make it a point to ride as an ambassador of cycling. If you have friends who ride as if no one else mattered, do bicyclists everywhere a favor by trying to talk them down from bogus rationalizations.

Ride responsibly! We must ALL adopt this Bicyclists' Code of Conduct.

Bicyclists' Code of Conduct-->

Conceived, compiled and edited by: Joe Breeze, MCBC Advisory Board. Questions or comments to the, or the MCBC