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Share the Road Campaign Keeps Rolling

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The Share the Road campaign is educating bicyclists and motorists to share the road courteously and safely. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) has been at the forefront of providing this education to the Marin community.

View MCBC’s new “Ride Right” video on the top techniques for safe group cycling. This unique Share the Road video is available for showing to cycling clubs, teams, fundraising ride particpants, adult bike ed classes, etc. Contact or 415-456-3469 x 8#.

MCBC’s current program consists of two main components: Checkpoints and Basic Street Skills. Partners for this program are Marin General Hospital and Marin County Law Enforcement.

Sharing facilities with others requires education of all the users about their rights and responsibilities, as well as how to behave courteously, safely and visibly. Due to the growing need to address concerns of both cyclists and drivers as they use our roads and multiuse paths, MCBC is expanding our campaign to address the issues and reach the varied user groups.

Knowing your rights and how to behave predictably is key to sharing roads and paths. Check out these additional resources to learn more:


View MCBC’s new and unique “Ride Right” video on the top techniques for safe group cycling

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Basic Street Skills for CyclistsBicycle Education

"Basic Street Skills" Bicycle Safety Classes

Basic Street Skills for CyclistsClasses are held multiple times per year at various locations throughout Marin County. These classes uniquely allow bicycle traffic citation fee reduction through class attendance. The Marin County Superior Court will refund a portion of the traffic infraction citation fee upon successfully completing the class (refunds depend on each defendant's circumstances). This partnership with Marin County Superior Court is the second of its kind in the Bay Area to provide bicycle education as a traffic court option.

The mid-week, evening class consists of a two-hour powerpoint and interactive presentation that teaches participants to safely and confidently use a bicycle for transportation. Topics covered include how to avoid collisions and citations, improve visibility, ride through intersections, the legal rights and obligations of cyclists, and more. Drivers benefit from the class as well, by learning how and why bicycles maneuver on the roads. Cyclists aged 16 and up are invited to attend.

Click here for additional class information (dates and details).

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Share the Road Checkpoints

Cyclist Receiving FlyerLocal law enforcement agencies and MCBC team up for the Checkpoints to show their united support of reducing road rage and increasing traffic safety for motorists and cyclists. Uniformed officers and MCBC volunteers provide Share the Road flyers to motorists and cyclists that pass through each Checkpoint. The flyers contain California Vehicle Code information, Codes of Conduct for bicyclists and motorists to insure their safety and foster respect for each other and additional safety tips to prevent road rage. MCBC asks you to share the safety information with friends and family to help save their lives!

During the months of June, July and August 2009, approximately 1500 motorists and 495 cyclists were provided with Share the Road materials at four Checkpoints in Sausalito, Novato, Fairfax and Belvedere. In September and October, MCBC hosted three more Checkpoints in Mill Valley, Sausalito and San Anselmo for back-to-school awareness raising, reaching another 800 motorists and 381 cyclists.

The Checkpoints provide the public with the opportunity to provide feedback to the officers and MCBC volunteers on their Share the Road experiences. The comments received highlight the need to address single issues with each road user group:

Click on the following links for more checkpoint information:


Share the Road Public Presentations

Sharing the LaneIn 2005, MCBC created 20-minute and 45-minute “What is Share the Road?” powerpoint presentations to provide to city officials/employees, bike clubs and teams, ride organizers, motor clubs, parks and recreation departments, Boy/Girl Scouts, chambers of commerce, school groups, service clubs, businesses, etc.

The interactive presentation captures the experience of sharing the road from both the motorist and cyclist perspective and focuses on ways that each group can behave courteously to avoid common types of collisions. Whether a driver or a rider, the information provided (especially the California Vehicle Code info!) teachers viewers why courteous and predictable behaviors by all road users saves lives on our streets.

If you know a group (big or small) that needs to learn more about motorists’ and cyclists’ shared rules, rights and obligations when using the roads, schedule a presentation with Peggy Clark at MCBC, 415-456-3469 x8# or


MCBC's Share the Road Campaign History
Updated March 2010

Sharing the Road The MCBC works with the Marin County Board of Supervisors, law enforcement agencies, the Marin County District Attorney, the Marin Superior Court, local towns and cities, Caltrans, schools, other bicycling organizations, and through the media to educate both motorists and cyclists about the need and means for "sharing the road."

Since our inception, MCBC has organized many efforts to promote the Share the Road campaign:

To get involved or provide feedback to our Share the Road Campaign Committee, please contact Stephen Hesson at

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MCBC's Share the Road Contacts: