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MCBC Contact Information

Mail or Call us at:

Mailing address:  

P.O. Box 1115
Fairfax, CA 94978

Physical address:  

733 Center Blvd.
Fairfax, CA 94930

Voice: (415) 456-3469
Fax: (415) 456-9344

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     Contact at (415) 456-3469 ext. 7#

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Executive Director
Jim Elias; (415) 456-3469 x1#

Planning Director  
Alisha Oloughlin; (415) 456-3469 x4#

Off-Road and Events Director
Tom Boss; (415) 272-2756

Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
April Spooner-Kushner; (415) 456-3469 x7#

Communications Manager 
Jim Edgar; (415) 754-8546

Safe Routes to Schools Program Director
Wendi Kallins; (415) 488-4101

Safe Routes to Schools Marketing and Outreach Manager
Laura Kelly; (415) 456-3469 x2#

Share the Road Program Manager (Road User Complaints and Adult Cycling Education)
Safe Routes to Schools Program Manager
Peggy Clark; (415) 456-3469 x8#

Safe Routes to Schools Teen Coordinator
Gwen Froh; (415) 456-3469 x5#

Safe Routes to Schools Instructor
James Sievert; (510) 301-6710

Safe Routes to Schools Bilingual Volunteer Coordinator
Monica Leifer

The MCBC Board, August 2012

MCBC's Board of Directors, August 2012

Board of Directors

Maureen Gaffney, President
Mark Comin , Vice President
Don Magdanz, Secretary
Julia Violich, Treasurer
Morris Beazley
Chris Hobbs
David Hoffman- New!
Eric Miller- New!
Scott Penzarella
Anne Spalding- New!
John Vipiana
Dennis Wuthrich- New!

Board of Directors' Responsibilities



Mark Birnbaum
Joe Breeze
Tom Hale
Deb Hubsmith
Jim Jacobsen
Patrick Seidler


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