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MCBC Contact Information

Mail or Call us at:

Mailing address:  

P.O. Box 1115
Fairfax, CA 94978

Physical address:  

733 Center Blvd.
Fairfax, CA 94930

Voice: (415) 456-3469
Fax: (415) 456-9344

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     Contact at (415) 456-3469 ext. 7#

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Executive Director
Jim Elias; (415) 456-3469 x1#

Off-Road and Events Director
Tom Boss; (415) 272-2756

Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
April Spooner; (415) 456-3469 x7#

Planning Director (County and City Facilities) 
Alisha Oloughlin; (415) 456-3469 x4#

Safe Routes to Schools Program Director
Wendi Kallins; (415) 488-4101

Safe Routes to Schools Marketing and Outreach Manager
Laura Kelly; (415) 456-3469 x2#

Share the Road Program Manager (Road User Complaints and Adult Cycling Education)
Safe Routes to Schools Program Manager
Peggy Clark; (415) 456-3469 x8#

Safe Routes to Schools Teen Coordinator
Gwen Froh; (415) 456-3469 x5#

Safe Routes to Schools Instructor
James Sievert; (510) 301-6710

The MCBC Board, August 2012

MCBC's Board of Directors, August 2012

Board of Directors

Maureen Gaffney, President
Mark Comin , Vice President
Don Magdanz, Secretary
Julia Violich, Treasurer
Morris Beazley
Chris Hobbs
Scott Penzarella
John Vipiana

Board of Directors' Responsibilities



Mark Birnbaum
Joe Breeze
Tom Hale
Deb Hubsmith
Jim Jacobsen
Patrick Seidler


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