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MCBC Membership

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Our beautiful, highly-detailed Marin Bicycle Map
  • 5-20% Discounts at Bike Stores and Other Businesses
  • MCBC t-shirt for Century and above members
  • Pedal Press newsletter annual subscription
  • Weekly E-mail Bulletins with News and Events
  • Free Admission to Member Parties
  • Advocacy Activities - $Priceless!!
    • Creating a safer cycling experience on the road
    • Installing bike lanes, pavement sharrows, bike route signs, and bike parking
    • Educating the public and cyclists about cyclists' rights
    • Supporting cyclists with traffic ticket cost reduction
    • Having your cycling issues represented at public meetings
    • Building a future of safer cycling for all in Marin

Thank you for becoming an MCBC member!

Choose a Membership Level below by clicking one of the buttons. We'll send you to a Paypal payment page to make the payment of your choice. After completing the payment, you'll be transferred to our online Membership Form.

Automatic Renewal

All online memberships are automatically renewed. An annual reminder email will be sent the month before your 1-year membership expires to remind you that your membership will renew for another year. If you want to keep supporting MCBC at your current level simply do nothing. If instead you want to increase your membership level or cancel your automatic payments, please , MCBC's Membership and Volunteer Coordinator.


Choose a membership level

$40 Regular

$100 Century

$60 Family 

$250 Tour de France

Love how your MCBC support is putting more people on bikes in your neighborhood? Then give some more today! Choose how much more you want to donate to MCBC.

By joining online you're helping green MCBC by saving resources and staff time.

Want to spread your membership donation out over the course of the year? Join at one of our new recurring levels. It's simple and automatic!

Catalyst Membership – $10 a month
MCBC members are the catalyst for positive change for cyclists in Marin County and beyond. For as little as .33 cents a day you can help the Marin County Bicycle Coalition push for cyclist rights and the best bicycle network in the world!

Champion Membership - $20 a month
Make the planet greener with a contribution of $20 a month! Your contribution will help bring about significant improvements to Marin County’s bicycle infrastructure, helping to green the planet!

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Join our Spoke Society

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Membership Benefits and Gift Memberships

The MCBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. (To receive your membership card and a thank-you letter for tax purposes, you must provide us with a mailing address, either through Paypal or on the Contact Information and Interests Form).