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2010 is going to be the “Year of the Bicycle” in Marin County!
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2010 is going to be the “Year of the Bicycle” in Marin County. We have major projects opening to the cycling community this year, including the Cal Park Hill Tunnel, Lincoln Hill Pathway, and the Alameda del Prado Bike Lanes. In addition, MCBC will launch a Bike Locally campaign to get more people on bicycles to stay fit, reduce air pollution, and become less auto-dependent.

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MCBC received a $15,000 Matching Grant in January from the Dean Witter Foundation, which means we can offer you a one-year membership to MCBC for as little as $25. The goal of this match is to bring in 500 new members in 2010. Please join today and help us hit 100 new members by the end of March.

Further bonus: from now until Thanksgiving, all new members are entitled to a 1-year subscription of either Dirt Rag magazine or Bicycle Times magazine. Click here for details.

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