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September 25, 2013

Governor Brown signs Three Feet law

Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter in support of the bill

Give me 3 feet to pass bikes safely

From the California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike):

Governor Jerry Brown has signed the “Three Feet for Safety Act.” The bill is part of CalBike’s campaign to ensure that California drivers give people riding a bicycle at least 3 feet of space when passing them.

“Bicycling is safer than most people think, but obviously it’s not safe enough,” said Dave Snyder, CalBike’s executive director, “Governor Brown has taken a big step toward improving safety on our roadways by signing this bill.”

Collisions from behind are the cause of 40% of all fatal crashes between a bicyclist and a motorist and a terrifying deterrent to more bicycling, despite the joy, health, and economy that people enjoy when they bike. Now that Governor Brown has signed this bill, motorists who violate its provisions will be committing an infraction and subject to the same fine for illegal passing, equal to a $35 base fine plus the fee which brings the total to $233. The base fine would increase to $220 if a collision occurs, causing bodily harm to the person riding the bicycle and the driver is found in violation of the provisions. The provisions will be made operative by the bill on September 16, 2014.

The legislature has passed a similar bill in each of the last three years but the Governor vetoed the previous two. This bill includes revisions that meet the CHP’s concerns about unusual road conditions and Caltrans’ opposition to an earlier provision that permitted motorists to cross the double-yellow line when passing a person riding a bicycle.

Over 4,600 Californians have sent messages to Governor Brown asking him to sign the bill. Next, CalBike will work with motorist organizations, police agencies, and the DMV to emphasize the importance of giving enough space when passing a person on a bicycle. Remember - three feet for safety.

Get the 3 feet FAQs.

Best fall music concert in Marin is at Biketoberfest - and it's free!

Saturday, October 12, from Noon to 6:00 PM

Free music at Biketoberfest

Check out the music line-up for this year's Biketoberfest. We have nationally renowned Moonalice, local favorite the Tom Finch Group, up and comers Tiny Television, and the Dogtown Ramblers, featuring Tony MaGee of Lagunitas Brewing. There will also be a pedal-powered performance by Cradle Duende Duo.

All this amazing talent comes to downtown Fairfax on Saturday, October 12, and it’s free!

Here are the times:

Main stage (south lot)

Dogtown Ramblers – 11:45 AM
Tiny Television – 1:00 PM
Tom Finch – 2:20 PM
Moonalice – 4:30 PM

Cargo Bike Jubilee stage (north lot)

Cradle Duende Duo – 3 PM

Oh yeah, there’s also an amazing bike show, expo, brewfest, delicious food and family activates. Mark your calendar today!

RSVP today for the RTMP unveiling on Tues, Oct 1, at 5:00 PM

Celebrate the culmination of a forward thinking road and trail plan

Cyclists in Marin County Open Space

Attention: We know a lot of people are coming to this important meeting, but we need your RSVP's!

We need mountain bikers to show up to the Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) unveiling on October 1 and to be enthusiastic about the plan. It will provide a tool for our community to propose new trail opportunities that are safe and sustainable. MCBC will provide green stickers to help identify our constituents at the meeting.

Here are the meeting details:

What: RTMP presentation to the Board and Parks Commission
When: Tuesday, October 1, at 5:00 PM
Where: Marin County Civic Center, Board Chamber (Room 330)

MCBC and Marin’s mountain bike community has participated alongside other trail users and environmentalists in the creation of this important document that will achieve:

  • A fair and appropriate range of recreation opportunities;
  • Minimize impacts to the natural environment from the road and trail network;
  • Reduce conflicts among users; and
  • Implement Best Practices for construction, maintenance, restoration and decommissioning of trails.

Click here for preliminary draft; a link to the final Draft will be available on September 26.

Following the October 1 meeting, a 60 day comment period will begin. MCBC will review the document and provide talking points by mid-October; comment letters are due by late November.

Time is running out! Support safe bike/ped in the Greenbrae Corridor

Attend Thursday's Sept. 26 TAM meeting and sign the petition

Aerial view of the Greenbrae Corridor

Time is running out to support safe bike/ped facilities in the Greenbrae Corridor!

Attend Thursday’s Sept. 26 TAM meeting and sign the petition.

We know you’ve heard a lot lately from MCBC about safety in this popular travel corridor, but that’s because this is such an important opportunity for the bicycle/pedestrian community; we need your help to make it happen!

After many months of deliberation by the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) and many years of foresight and vision by the bicycle/pedestrian community, the opportunity is before us to complete a key section of Marin’s North-South Greenway through the Greenbrae Corridor, but it may not happen unless the TAM Board hears from you by this Thursday!

Here’s how to express your support for these critically needed bike/ped improvements:

  1. Attend the TAM Board meeting this Thursday, September 26, 7:00 PM at the Marin Civic Center, Board of Supervisors' Chambers (Room 330), 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael. Please RSVP to .   
  2. Sign the petition to the TAM Board and please share it!

There is a set of excellent bike/ped recommendations from the TAM Working Group before the TAM Board for final decision at this meeting. New proposals may also be introduced that are completely different than the Working Group recommendations.

The Working Group’s recommendations, which were supported by MCBC, include:

  • Underpasses at Tamal Vista Boulevard (near DMV) and under Redwood Highway (on the east side of the Highway 101 at Wornum Drive)    
  • Construction of a multiuse pathway from Redwood Highway at Wornum Drive, behind Trader Joe's/Cost Plus (adjacent to the SMART train tracks) to the area just south of Corte Madera Creek    
  • A new separated bicycle/pedestrian bridge crossing Corte Madera Creek  
  • MCBC recommends retaining or replacing the pedestrian overcrossing at Lucky Drive to maximize local connectivity and reduce car trips in the corridor.

Over the past months there has been interest by some Marin elected officials and by SMART to use some of the $40 million of Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds available for this project for the San Rafael to Larkspur segment of SMART.  MCBC fully supports this idea as part of any package that includes design and construction of our priorities listed above.

Again, your presence is vital at the TAM Board meeting this Thursday, September 26th at 7:00 PM.  It’s imperative that the TAM Board overwhelmingly hears from the public how critically important these bike/ped improvements are. If you can attend the meeting, please RSVP to .

Seeking upright or women's bikes

Safe Routes seeks 6 more bikes for women in the Canal

Step-through bike frame

Safe Routes to Schools has secured 6 bikes and is looking for 6 more upright or women’s mountain bikes to provide to Hispanic women in the Canal.

MCBC’s Women on Wheels program has received two small grants from the League of American Bicyclists and The Sylvia Bingham Peace Fund to teach these women how to bicycle and provide them with bikes. However, there was not enough money to purchase the bikes so we must acquire the bikes as donations. Since these will be beginning bicyclists we want to give them the most comfortable bikes possible.

If you have an upright step-through bike you are no longer using or a women’s mountain bike with a step-through frame we would love to have them no matter what condition they are in. Please contact .

Volunteer and be rewarded!

Participate in the Dirt Fondo or Biketoberfest

Click on the buttons or contact April Spooner at to get involved at these events!

MCBC Dirt FondoMCBC Dirt Fondo
Sunday, September 29

VolunteerIf you had wanted to participate in the sold out Dirt Fondo, please consider volunteering. You're still guaranteed to have a great time and meet lots of wonderful people along the way. You will be rewarded for your help with Lagunitas beer and a BBQ back at the YMCA at Point Bonita.

Are you a cyclist who also loves horses? The Ocean Rider Equestrians at Muir Beach are generously allowing MCBC to once again host an aid station at their stables. We'd love to have volunteers at this area who also love horses.

Busy on Sunday? Then help out on Saturday by marking the course on your bike; we also have tasks that can be done at home or in our office.

Saturday, October 12

VolunteerThis is MCBC's largest fundraising event of the year and we wouldn't be able to host this celebration without our volunteers. For 3 hours of volunteer time, you will receive a free tasting ticket, high-fives, and endless thanks!

Great social opportunity to get involved if you've been thinking about volunteering.

Support the Marin Velodrome

A quality, contemporary velodrome is long overdue for Marin

Cyclists in a velodrome

If you're not aware, there's a movement underway to elevate Marin's cycling status yet higher by building a velodrome!  A quality, contemporary velodrome is long overdue for Marin, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Velodromes are a great alternative to road and mountain biking.  Velodromes provide a safe, controlled environment to race, train, and learn about track riding, making them ideal for all ages.  It is also an excellent spectator sport. Compared with road racing, where crowds may only get one glimpse of racers going by, the velodrome captures all the action and is a great place to bring family or friends for sporting entertainment.

Only recently, computer assisted velodrome design, and new construction techniques using modern materials have reached a new level of quality, durability and economy that was previously unavailable.

In Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area we have a high level of bicycling participation, enthusiasm, and talent. Given that velodrome and BMX track racing are Olympic sports, having these facilities here would establish Marin County as a truly complete and world class bicycling community, and provide tremendous future incentive and opportunities for our youth bicycling programs.

The Marin County Velodrome Association (MCVA) says a tentative site has been found but they need your support (sponsorship, donations and volunteers) to push this fantastic project forward.

Now is the time for the Marin County Velodrome Association and the community that supports it to get “back on track” and build a velodrome in Marin County, California. The MCVA asks for your support of their effort to build a velodrome in Marin now.

Learn more at the Marin County Velodrome Association website.

Did you witness a crash on Panoramic Hwy on Sept 6?

Cyclist badly injured avoiding a truck on a blind corner

MCBC member Billy Farrer crashed into the roadside shrubbery on Panamoric Highway on September 6 while trying to avoid a collision with a tree service truck and trailer (see his narration below). As a result of the crash he has 7 broken ribs, a broken clavicle and a broken scapula. He also has considerable pain caused by a nerve impacted by the swelling. He considers himself very lucky to be alive. He was wearing a helmet and did fortunately not incur any head trauma.

When he awoke, a cyclist told him he had almost hit the same truck, but Billy was in no condition to take the cyclist's name and number. He also saw quite a few folks on the road who either observed the accident or gathered as a result of it.

The fire trucks from Throckmorton Station were the first responders and they called an ambulance from Southern Marin Station which took him to MGH, where he has been since. Needless to say, the tree service truck and trailer moved after the accident, at least to give the Throckmorton fire trucks access to him since he was beyond them. Billy has not been able to locate the truck service that was blocking the road or any witnesses.

Billy is looking for witnesses to the accident so he can identify the tree service truck. The accident occurred on the S curve after the road to the Tourist Club, but before where the Dipsea Trail crosses Panoramic. The MCFD report lists the location as 395 Panoramic.

If you were a witness to this accident, please contact Billy at , on his cell phone at 415-215-0344, or at his office at 415-578-2102.

Here's Billy's description of the accident:

I was riding south on Panoramic Drive (towards Mill Valley) on Sept. 6, 2013. The road was dry, conditions clear and visibility excellent. I had past the point where the Dipsea Trail crosses Panoramic and was coming around that S turn which has some blind spots when I came upon what I believe was a tree service truck with a trailer  attached (possibly a chipper) parked perpendicularly across and blocking both lanes of traffic and even the marked bike lanes. There were no cones out or personnel on the road to warn me there was a truck blocking the entire road.

I immediately applied my brakes, started fish-tailing, realized I would not be able to stop in time and was going to crash into the truck, so I made a split second decision to try to go around the truck on the right side and ended up crashing in the shrubs on the right side of the road. When I awoke, a cyclist (who I think was ahead of me, but I did not see him) told me he had almost hit the same truck. I was in no condition to take his name and number and apparently no one else did either. I also saw quite a few folks on the road who either observed my accident or gathered as a result of it.

The fire trucks from Throckmorton Station were the first responders and they called an ambulance from Southern Marin Station which took me to MGH, where I have been since. Needless to say, the tree service truck and trailer moved after the accident, at least to give the Throckmorton fire trucks access to me since I was beyond them. We have not been able to locate the truck service that was blocking the road or any witnesses, so perhaps MCBC can issue a postings or newsletter article about it and see if we can find anyone with information.

Gary Kern, aka "The Bike God," injured in cycling accident

Get well cards can be sent to his home in San Francisco

Get Well Soon

From the Marin Cyclists:

A few days ago Gary Kern, one of our long time members who is known to many as The Bike God, was injured in a cycling accident while on tour in the Sierras. He has been at Kaiser Hospital in Modesto and is now recuperating from the surgery to repair his broken femur.

The club has sent flowers and we have heard from his sister that his recovery is going well.

If you know Gary and would like  to contact him, please understand that he does not do email and has turned off his cell phone as he has been inundated with messages and cannot manage to return phone calls as yet. He's very appreciative of all the love and support from his club and will let us know when he is up for visitors.

Get well cards for Gary Kern can be sent to 1474 15th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Upcoming MCBC events

MCBC Dirt Fondo

MCBC has a volunteer opportunity for you! Click here to see what’s on our calendar. 

MCBC Dirt Fondo
Sunday, September 29
10 AM - 3 PM; Marin Headlands, Point Bonita YMCA and many trail-side locations

San Anselmo Country Fair Day
Sunday, September 29
10 AM - 3 PM; San Anselmo Avenue between Tamalpais and Tunstead, San Anselmo
MCBC provides Valet Bike Parking

Saturday, October 12
11 AM - 6 PM; FairAnselm Plaza in Fairfax

Click here for an expanded list of events.


The Second Annual Weir, Beer & Gear Event

Sunday, October 27 at WTB Headquarters

Mark Weir

Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) announces:

Due to the overwhelming turnout last year, WTB is pleased to announce the return of Weir, Beer & Gear.

WTB Pro and All Mountain Guru, Mark Weir will again lead a no-drop Mountain Bike Ride. New this year is a road ride led by WTB team members and friends. Afterwards, join us for a beer and a bite and check out our 2014 collection. There will be a jumpy house for the kids and WTB giveaways throughout the day. Also new this year will be presentations by local riders recapping some of their races this summer. Meet the WTB team and learn more about our commitment to mountain biking and trail stewardship!

Sunday, October 27
Road and Mountain rides : 10 AM - Noon
Festivities : Noon - 2 PM

WTB Headquarters 475 Miller Ave. Mill Valley, California

Marin County Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 1115
Fairfax, CA 94978
Office Location: 733 Center Blvd., Fairfax, CA 94930
(415) 456-3469 – phone
(415) 456-9344 – fax

The MCBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We are a membership-supported group. If you are not already a paying member, please join today. Printable membership forms are on our website,

Thank you for being a part of the solution.

To reach the MCBC Staff:

  • Kim Baenisch, Executive Director, 456-3469 x 1#,
  • Tom Boss, Off-Road and Events Director, 272-2756,
  • April Spooner, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, 456-3469 x 7#,
  • Bob Trigg, Administrator, 456-3469 x 3#,
  • Taylor Watts, Development Director, 456-3469 x 6#,
  • Andy Peri, Advocacy Director, 457-0802,
  • Alisha Oloughlin, Planning Director, 456-3469 x 4#,
  • Wendi Kallins, Safe Routes to Schools Program Director, 488-4101,
  • Laura Kelly, Safe Routes to Schools Volunteer Liaison, 456-3469 x 2#,
  • Peggy Clark, Share the Road Program Manager, Safe Routes to Schools Project Coordinator, 456-3469 x 8#,
  • Gwen Froh, Safe Routes to Schools Teen Coordinator, 456-3469 x 5#,
  • James Sievert, Safe Routes to Schools Instructor, 510-301-6710,

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