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Bicycle Friendly Attorneys

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This list was compiled from member referrals or self-referrals by the lawyer. To be listed, an attorney much be an active member of MCBC, and be listed as a member of the State Bar of California. No endorsement is made by MCBC as to the qualifications of these individuals. This list is provided only as a service to our members and the cycling community.

See below for tips on what to do in the event of a collision, and MCBC's Collision Policy.

The Law Office of Daniel H. Rose
Bicycle Accident Lawyers
One Sansome Street, Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 946-8900
Fax: (415) 221-0892

Gregory J. Brod
Brod Law Firm, P.C.
96 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 397-1130
FAX (415) 397-2121

Terry D. Buller
The Camron-Stanford House
1418 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 832-4295
Fax: (510) 832-4364

John Mersereau
California Bike Attorney
807 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Mobile Phone: 415-644-8107

Boone Callaway
Callaway & Wolf
150 Post Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: (415) 541-0300
Fax: (415) 777-6262

Scott R. Lovernick
Bicycle Defender
4 Embarcadero Center, 39th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 216-9190

Shaana A. Rahman
Rahman Law PC
369 Pine Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 956-9245
Fax: (415) 956-9246

David C. Macpherson, Esq.
Law Offices of David C. Macpherson
145 Corte Madera Town Center, # 656
Corte Madera CA 94925
Phone: ( 415) 924- 1235
Fax: ( 415) 927- 0678

Leslie Leone
20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A
Mill Valley, California 94941
Phone: (415) 299-0066
Fax: (415) 941-7811

Alexander Law Group, LLP
101 California Street
Suite 2450
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 921-1776

Dawn Hassell, Esq.
The Hassell Law Group, a P.C.
4079 19th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: (415) 334-4111

Andrew Rhine
Law Office of Andrew Rhine
100 Shoreline Highway, Suite 100B
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone : (415) 968-4353

Choulos, Choulos and Wyle
Marin Bicycle Accident Attorneys
425 California Street, Suite 1800
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 474-7800 (Claude Wyle) (George Choulos)

T. Andrew Davies
Carter M. Zinn

The Zinn Law Firm
55 Francisco Street, Suite 403
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 292 4100

Paoli & Geerhart LLP, trial attorneys
50 Post St. #600
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: (415) 498-2101
Fax: (415) 498-2104

Bay Area Bicycle Law
340 Pine Street. Suite 504
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 466-8717

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition recommends that cyclists adhere to the following "common sense" actions if involved in a vehicle-bicycle collision:

  • If the motorist involved in the collision stops at the scene, do not provoke them, but if possible exchange names, contact information and insurance information while waiting for the police to arrive.
  • Contact law enforcement to file a police report.
  • Seek medical attention if you feel you have been injured.

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition has a policy of limited involvement in incidents involving bicycle-motor vehicle collisions. The reasons for limited involvement are the following:

  • Currently MCBC has limited resources that do not allow us to research, formulate, and take an informed position on every case.
  • Collision cases have the potential to become high profile in the media and carry the risk of negative public relations or erroneous media coverage for MCBC that can be counter to our mission.