news Start Logging Your Team Bike Challenge Miles on May 1st

Join the Team Bike Challenge!The 2016 “You Can Bike There” Team Bike Challenge begins May 1 and runs through May 31st. During the month of May, you and other members of the team earn points for using a bike to make your daily commute and run errands. Each team member can log their miles and track the results every day. Do this as many days and as many miles as possible to earn maximum points throughout the month!

It’s easy to set up your company, add other members to your team and go for the most combined miles in your region.  Do you work flex hours from home? Ride all the way down the peninsula every day? Jump crosstown in two-wheeled style?  All those miles can be included1

You can participate through the website or locate the Team Bike Challenge app in the App Store or Google Play. The app  is new for 2016!  We suggest you go to the Team Bike Challenge FAQ to answer all your questions and start logging your miles on May 1.

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