Building Marin’s Bicycle Infrastructure

The MCBC Road Program builds the support needed to identify, promote and fund bike and pedestrian improvements in Marin. Safety and connectivity between communities are the driving themes. We work closely with our public agency partners toward completing the North-South and East-West Greenways, Marin’s primary bicycle and pedestrian routes.

Our goal is for 20% of trips in Marin County to be made by walking or bicycling. To reach this goal, we work in partnership with our local town, city and County staff and public officials to implement these key strategic campaigns.

MCBC’s commitment to this vision has led us to keep the pressure on SMART to utilize Measure Q tax funds for the project as outlined.

Road News

Jensie Hit-and-Run Looking for More Witnesses

Since MCBC sent Friday’s email calling for witnesses to the crash, or to other dangerous or aggressive driving actions by Paff, we have heard from several of you. And so has the CHP. Those reports are increasingly telling a story of senseless road rage.